By raven_teen_titan - 04/03/2012 05:51 - United States

Today, my dog wanted to go upstairs, but she has stitches and was having trouble. So I carried her to the top, at which point she peed all over my carpet. FML
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And back downstairs she goes

Aww poor dog. I would like to believe that she is normally well behaved and that the stitches are at fault.


jojoboy 0

That is when you walk over to her bed and pee on it and ask her how it feels

^ Right, cause that wouldn't make two puddles of piss for OP to now clean up and I'm sure the dog Must have done it as part of it's cunning plan to anger it's caring owner. :p

Morgannnnuhhh 1

I remember you..

Thats dumb...the dog wouldn't care, they never care!

Yeah the dog wouldn't care. And also, of course you ask the dog how it feels because a dog could totally answer that

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3 you dug yourself into this hole. See what I did there he's in a hole in the picture and no one agrees with his comment

Is that why your parents put you in a hole?

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Soo true, plus dogs are not like humans we don't think the same way or show the same emotions. As us people do everyday :p

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Haha I has to thumb this up! That was good

jojoboy 0

Yo I'm sorry some people didn't see the dripping sarcasm in this, but I wasn't offering help to OP.

uh oh! clean d carpet fast before it starts to stink!!!

No no by all means we were going to let it sit and soak in. We want guests to ask about the piss stains as ice breakers.

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oh you too?

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Ya don't say

you are kind person to have done tat :). clean up quick!!!

You must be really bored. :P

before it starts to stink, right?

How many ******* comments are you gunna post?

you're not going to be popular here

Im starting to wonder if English is this person's second language...

Spamming is frowned upon unless your comments are actually good.


At least learn to spell /:

Dont see how 58 was modded but you did not for spamming. Quality over quantity.

Aww poor dog. I would like to believe that she is normally well behaved and that the stitches are at fault.

Family guy Consuela voice : "No, noooh. doggie afuera!!!!!"

And back downstairs she goes

After getting fixed, my puppy had trouble holding it... Maybe it's a temporary side effect of the surgery? That, or your dog is just spiteful.

Now you have a reason to give your dog more stitches

thats not even right..

Morgannnnuhhh 1

I agree with 79. 54, why would you even think that's funny you sick sick bastard.

uh oh! too bad! but that was very kind of you

I got the point in your first comment...

Uh oh! Better write a suitable comment!

Wait, how does this one even make sense....


Yeah, I piss everywhere when I have stitches, too. :S

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She's probably in pain or not feeling good. Get OVER yourself, it's just pee.