By anonymous - 01/10/2013 05:36 - United States - Huntington

Today, I sent my girlfriend a text this morning saying I love you. I rarely do this and instead of receiving the same message back, I got a message from my girlfriend accusing me of meaning to send it to someone else and dumped me. FML
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that isn't really a logical conclusion to make after a good morning text.. FYL

i would say you're better off, but you probably figured that out already


that isn't really a logical conclusion to make after a good morning text.. FYL

could be someone's making excuses to break it off... in my opinion

ohro 10

It's also not the way to break up with someone. A text, really?

Well I wouldn't hurt if OP had said that more often but still he didn't deserve to be dumped just because his gf is a paranoid psycho >.

jw90 18

It's not a logical conclusion. But I can only think that she thought he didn't mean it because he rarely says it, and that's why she broke up with him. Still, it was a bullshit way to do it.

She seems nice

17deanju 2

Awwww I'm sorry.... You don't need someone like that anyway... Hope you guys can still be friends?

Friends with someone like that, really?

After that, I don't think OP would want to stay friends.

ninety 25

"I know the dog died, but we can still keep him."

Why would a man want to be friends with ex-girlfriend who treated him poorly?

i would say you're better off, but you probably figured that out already

Mynameislinh 24

Well... way to assume the unlikely and blow it out of proportions. I'm pretty sure she wasn't worth your time anyway, if she was that jealous.

Pwn17 25

Honestly I can't figure out if this is a "That's terrible, I'm sorry," or "You dodged a bullet." Seems like both, really.

It's definitely both. OP dodged a bullet - I can't imagine how this would work a year or two later. Simply, it is terrible - you text your girlfriend, tell her that you love her, and BOOM! It's over for no logical reason. It almost sounds like OP's girlfriend made an excuse to break up with him. Good luck, OP.

wow what a bitch be happy she's gone imagine what she have done if she seen you with a cousin or something and thought you were cheating

zRatio 6


Good point 6. OP would probably have the first posthumous fml ever.

It's good that you don't have to be with her in a way

I don't understand how your girlfriend mistakes who you love OP. Just explain to her hopefully she will understand!

I think she thought so because she on the other probably send those kinda text to someone else other than OP. Cheater are mostly the quickest to point accusing fingers. Sorry OP!

from my experience she, she was cheating on OP

AussieChick101 13

She sounds highly insecure to jump to a conclusion like that so quickly.

Agree. God forbid you, out of the blue, ever bring her flowers. She'd accuse you of cheating and only buying flowers out of guilt!

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That's quite the assumption. What's even worse is she acted on the assumption. She probably lost someone who's really great