By schwange - 15/05/2010 17:07 - United States

Today, my girlfriend left me for my best friend. Over a text message with "lol" in it. FML
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FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Oh, what an orgasmic feeling.

mona_is_here 10

she was trying to make it less painful for you probably? god, i hate AFP grrrr

Kylias 6

You didn't need her if she sways that easily.

karlita2244 0

if it said "Your boyfriends cheating on you with a fat chick lol" YDI

Maybe she was pointing out the cliché in it? :)

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KiddNYC1O 20

Mona- Less painful? doubt it. if anything it's more painful cause it shows she doesn't care and it's kind of condescending

Lol you're hot and lol your gay bf is cheating on you lol wanna go out lol? Dafp!

Goes to show you how mature your now ex is.

Oh nevermind I misunderstood I thought she broke up with you after reading a text with lol. Anyways you still deserve it if you were a dick to her. Don't be such a pussy.

guitarchick7591 2

As if lol makes it so much better.

Allybuns 0

yep LOL is mostly used at least 1 time while chatting or texting its also usedto make insults less insulting

TaterSalad187 5

damn, betrayed. i'm hoping ex-girlfriend and ex-bestfriend now right? you burn down her house and then send her a pic of it and say "lol" >:]

dtheman997 0

she was either extreemly dumb or desperate to get out. from looks of iteither way your better off

Well, 14 definitely thought it was funny .. !

ohh btw im pretty sure i moderated this one too im on a roll :) fafp fafp fafp stupid anti flood protection

every text I send I have lol in but when I send it I'm not laughing only laugh when I send lmfao!!! lol <- I dnt laugh : )

Don't worry, there's some website where you can buy colonies of crabs to infect her with while she sleeps. I need to get out more

lmfao @ the crabs idea, OP find that web site that would be an epic way to return the favor for putting "lol" in a break up text message

Notjustanother1 0

you better kick his ass!!

that too, that's a must. but then again everybody is so damn quick to sue, it would be a bigger burden then anything to kick his ass

43 you would have nowhere to send the pic "LOL"

Crotcho_fml 0

lol 14 died from laughter... omg why can't I sleep!!

fyl op & forget about that best friend x;

NzxtZ06 0

your gf is a b**** and your best friend is an ass**** and was never really your friend if he actually ended up with her. it takes two to tango. move on bro, you deserve better

ashoutlaw93 0

wow your girlfriend needs to be ******* killed

omgYoUbasTards 0

yea, op gf: I'm leaving you for your bestfriend. op: well at least she had the decency not to put lol in that message. I feel so much better now -_-

With Cave Johnson's combustible lemons!

that's why I don't ever tell buddies about problems with my girl.... you can't trust anyone

Crotcho_fml 0

seems like op wasn't telling his bff his gf problems... she was. dafp dafp omg really?

"heeey, Wub2??? ne way, dumpin u fr Tony. srry! lol" I feel for you, OP, I'm sure it must have taken you ages to translate that message, but at the same time, I couldn't care less about your romance trouble.

deannamarie12 0

Yikes! Looks like you deserve better...

perdix 29

I don't see how either of you come to that conclusion. Maybe the best friend is just a better man and the girlfriend did the reasonable thing by dumping the OP and moving on. The LOL could be that kind of nervous laughter you get when you try to soften the blow of bad news. I don't mean to pick you two out specifically, but I get a little peeved when people reflexively say that an OP who gets dumped deserves better. We just can't know that in a message with a 300-character limit, and no chance for rebuttal from the dumpor.

Wow, go perdix for the surprisingly mature and serious comment. I thought you specialised in jokes? :P

perdix 29

You are right that jokes are my favorite method to point out the absurdity of a post's absurdity, but I'll use others as needed to point out logical flaws. I think the common practice around here of assuming the OP is always completely innocent and deserving of their significant other's affection and fidelity is one of these absurd logical flaws.

That is true. I still think dumping by text is a bit harsh, especially with 'lol' in it. But, I suppose there might be a very good reason that she didn't want to do it face-to-face, such as him being obsessive and/or dangerous... But if it were the latter then the FML would be more agressive, and if it were the former it would be longer and more of a ramble.

Send her a txt saying "Lol, jokes on you." just to mess with her.

wow. who breaks up with someone over a text anyways? what a jerk

If someone was a complete jerk to you, I can justify breaking up with them over text :/