Cheats, cheats everwhere

By bbbblt - 15/08/2010 11:39 - Australia

Today, my sister got caught cheating on her boyfriend. She was cheating on him with my boyfriend. FML
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I'd pretty much kill both of them, then go for her bf

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Wow, your sister is a bitch and your boyfriend is a dick as well. that sucks OP


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Wow, your sister is a bitch and your boyfriend is a dick as well. that sucks OP

hey guys lets reply on 1's thread

you sleep with her boyfriend...

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What a Bitch! I'm sorry! =[

sounds like the start of a porno.

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Cheat with hers(: jk I'm sorry

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at least it doesn't say "today my sister got caught cheating on her boyfriend... with me"

sorry miss under stode she is b***

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#9, if OP's sister cheated on her boyfriend then i doubt OP's sister would care if he cheated on her...

ur sis is a slut and ur bf is an asshole. why don't you go chill with her bf ? I would so do that :]

ur sister isn't a whore she just likes to have fun. and shes just unsure of what she wants. don't be mad at her. def don't be mad at ur bf...obviously u need to put out more.

7=Epic Fail 42=Win

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

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If you really believe that, your a dumb ass, for reasons that probably need stating considering you think that way, but I won't bother to anyway. You obviously don't need your boyfriend, especially if he's gonna cheat on you. Your sister on the other hand, you need to alienate completely. Thats completely disgusting. A friend or neighbor, you can deal. But having to deal with that shit from your sibling is unacceptable.

You got one classy sister -not

wahata bitchhh...

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62. are you dumb?

switch bfs with her then it's a win win

and she would deserve it.

ouch... how horrible!! maybe you should avoid introducing your next bf to your sister...better yet avoid a sister like that all together!

lmao,.24.. typical guy >.>

wow. that's weird. my mom buys me condoms and I'm 17.

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No.. 4Some :) Fyl OP

@12 Iran right or was that Israel i can't remember but I think Iran

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dayummm. THAT'S what's up.

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I agree. set those bitches straight. cut his dick off or something

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You're a bitch.

I'd pretty much kill both of them, then go for her bf

I would have killed her in a violent way then I would publicly humiliate my bf then punch him, then kick him in the balls, then go out with my sister's boyfriend

awwh ahaha I had a breakup scare today. omfg

Sounds to me that OP and her sister's boyfriend should date and f*ck the other 2. Let them have each other.

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I would eat a cheeseburger

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kill them both

Here's what you do: Date HER boyfriend.

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loyal bf right?

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her second job as a hooker..

agh! been there, been through that crap /: totally FYL

I agree with 7 don't be selfish join in

wow your daughter is really pretty.....or is that your hooker?

Kill her and your boyfriend.

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And then go for her boyfriend. Or, better yet, let both of them catch you with her boyfriend, and then you can kill them both.

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go with your sisters boyfriend at least you know he won't cheat. let your whore sister have your boyfriend lol that sounds like a fair trade to me

My thoughts exactly.