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  evanizle  |  0

ur sister isn't a whore she just likes to have fun. and shes just unsure of what she wants. don't be mad at her. def don't be mad at ur bf...obviously u need to put out more.

  Felecorr  |  0

If you really believe that, your a dumb ass, for reasons that probably need stating considering you think that way, but I won't bother to anyway.

You obviously don't need your boyfriend, especially if he's gonna cheat on you. Your sister on the other hand, you need to alienate completely. Thats completely disgusting. A friend or neighbor, you can deal. But having to deal with that shit from your sibling is unacceptable.

  whitneyness  |  0

I would have killed her in a violent way then I would publicly humiliate my bf then punch him, then kick him in the balls, then go out with my sister's boyfriend