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I'd pretty much kill both of them, then go for her bf

Wow, your sister is a bitch and your boyfriend is a dick as well. that sucks OP


Wow, your sister is a bitch and your boyfriend is a dick as well. that sucks OP

hey guys lets reply on 1's thread

you sleep with her boyfriend...

What a Bitch! I'm sorry! =[

sounds like the start of a porno.

Cheat with hers(: jk I'm sorry

at least it doesn't say "today my sister got caught cheating on her boyfriend... with me"

sorry miss under stode she is b***

#9, if OP's sister cheated on her boyfriend then i doubt OP's sister would care if he cheated on her...

ur sis is a slut and ur bf is an asshole. why don't you go chill with her bf ? I would so do that :]

ur sister isn't a whore she just likes to have fun. and shes just unsure of what she wants. don't be mad at her. def don't be mad at ur bf...obviously u need to put out more.

7=Epic Fail 42=Win

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

If you really believe that, your a dumb ass, for reasons that probably need stating considering you think that way, but I won't bother to anyway. You obviously don't need your boyfriend, especially if he's gonna cheat on you. Your sister on the other hand, you need to alienate completely. Thats completely disgusting. A friend or neighbor, you can deal. But having to deal with that shit from your sibling is unacceptable.

You got one classy sister -not

wahata bitchhh...

62. are you dumb?

switch bfs with her then it's a win win

and she would deserve it.

ouch... how horrible!! maybe you should avoid introducing your next bf to your sister...better yet avoid a sister like that all together!

lmao,.24.. typical guy >.>

wow. that's weird. my mom buys me condoms and I'm 17.

No.. 4Some :) Fyl OP

@12 Iran right or was that Israel i can't remember but I think Iran

dayummm. THAT'S what's up.

I agree. set those bitches straight. cut his dick off or something

You're a bitch.

I'd pretty much kill both of them, then go for her bf

I would have killed her in a violent way then I would publicly humiliate my bf then punch him, then kick him in the balls, then go out with my sister's boyfriend

awwh ahaha I had a breakup scare today. omfg

Sounds to me that OP and her sister's boyfriend should date and f*ck the other 2. Let them have each other.

I would eat a cheeseburger

Here's what you do: Date HER boyfriend.

her second job as a hooker..

agh! been there, been through that crap /: totally FYL

I agree with 7 don't be selfish join in

wow your daughter is really pretty.....or is that your hooker?

Kill her and your boyfriend.

And then go for her boyfriend. Or, better yet, let both of them catch you with her boyfriend, and then you can kill them both.

go with your sisters boyfriend at least you know he won't cheat. let your whore sister have your boyfriend lol that sounds like a fair trade to me

My thoughts exactly.