By Anonymous - 04/03/2011 00:45 - United States

Today, I learned that if I don't clean out the litter box everyday, my cat will resort to shitting in the laundry basket. FML
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If you can't be bothered to clean out the box every day, you shouldn't have a cat.


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hey! don't hate on cats!! lol I find them adorable :)

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I always tell my friends that own cats that they are the most useless pets I know. I strongly dislike them!

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Actually, IMHO cats have one valid use... Eagle Bait...

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Contrary, my cat is more like a dog than a cat (which, plus his mysterious nature, makes things around the house a bit more "interesting" by the day.) Whereas, my dog is the one doing nothing but eating and begging for attention. At least the cat is entertaining the family...

Dogs are worthless too... unless they are sniffer dogs, etc, but normal people don't usually own a specialised bred dog.

cats are disloyal annoying prissy creatures

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I don't know why 11 is hilarious, but it is.

you guys should watch Felidae if you hate cats so much.

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Cats don't deserve to die... They just deserve to get a good beating once in a while. :)

hey cats are good too, my cat plays with everything and follows me around, my dog does the same thing but crashes on the door once in a while

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11 WIN. cats really have no intended purpose besides sticking their ass in ur face in which case MOST people don't appreciate.

Then put litter in the laundry basket!

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lol, l love your way of thinking

Don't **** with a cat, it will beat you every time. Good luck smelling like shit.

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no... let the cat run in traffic then your problems solved :D

Youre literally supposed to clear out the shit from the litter box every night don't be ******* lazy ?

If you can't be bothered to clean out the box every day, you shouldn't have a cat.

It's only every day if you have a small box and/or lot's of cats.

You WOULD have to at least sift the lumps out once a day so the cat doesn't step on it later and spread poop germs all over your house. AH! He's on the table where you eat!

Maybe you should clean it every day, then. There, problem solved.

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Yummy! Lets hope brown is your color.