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By Anonymous - 23/01/2010 00:10 - United States

Today, I have been dating an incredibly gorgeous woman. She had a poor self image and after the longest time, I finally convinced her to seek counselling to help her self esteem. It worked. So well in fact that she just broke up with me because she "finally realized she could do so much better" FML
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that really does suck but at least you know you helped someone in the process


Indeed. **** her. You helped her with her self esteem, you cared about her and helped her get back on track with counselling. And she considered only your looks. Just forget her, she's not even worth it. You'll find somebody out there who isn't shallow.

How do you know that she only considered his looks? Nowhere did it say that he was average or bad looking. I've met men who will seek out women with low self-esteem, because they are easier to manipulate, and get to do what the men want them to do. Or, if he was willing to date a girl with a horrible self-image, suggesting that she probably is reserved and doesn't have much confidence, perhaps he only started dating her for her looks, anyways. It does seem like the main thing that he was concerned about was that he lost a gorgeous woman, not a smart, funny, or charming woman. So, if he was being shallow in the first place, why exactly does he deserve better than a shallow woman? Granted, he may have been a sweetheart, and she may have been a shallow bitch, but I'm just playing Devil's Advocate, since everyone seems to be jumping on her immediately.

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Well, there isn't exactly enough room for the OP to list all of the things he likes about her. The main point was her self esteem; therefore, it was pertinent that he say that she was gorgeous.

I'll concede some of those points that some men do date women so they can control them, but in this case, the OP tried to help her with a serious problem. that's not being manipulative, that's showing an initiative to help her whatever way he can. so I don't think what you said would be valid in this situation.

she's shallower than the kiddie pool... AFTER ITS BEEN DRAINED :0 now that's shallow

that really does suck but at least you know you helped someone in the process

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They alwaays think they can do better. Then they realise that the skinny pale little mamas boys who fit their sparkly vampire fantasy don't actually know how to fill the male role. She's probably ****** her life more

I dunno why I'm picturing all these hot girls leaving their caring boyfriends for guys that look JUST like the bloke off Twilight, who're just confused they're getting so much attention, since they're terrible with the opposite sex. ...I don't even know why I wrote that. Is it supposed to be funny? I don't know.

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Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Well said.

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Well, to make up for her poor self image, she has a bitchy attitude. Though, this would probably come sooner or later, count yourself lucky to be even able to date her.

If it isn't broken, don't fix it. and if you must fix it, make sure it's not going to be incredibly shallow and abandon you? Though really, you did yourself an inadvertent favour because she was settling for you under the belief she couldn't have any better. and everyone deserves someone who'll cherish them. Later, when she realizes that she left you without real cause and that you were a good person (I hope), then she'll regret it. You don't trade people for other people.

Maybe she wasn't incredibly shallow. We don't know what exactly she meant by being able to do better. I had much the same situation with my first boyfriend. He liked to psychoanalyze me, and having decided that I was too co-dependent on my friends and had too-low self-esteem, he encouraged me to read a self-help book in order to fix myself. I accepted his insistence that there was something completely wrong with me, and I read the book. That's when I realized that *I* could do better. I didn't settle, I thought I was completely in love--but I had taken the 2 years of pscyhoanalyzing, pressuring and patronizing to be absolutely okay, and clearly my fault because I didn't deserve him and needed to be a better girlfriend. It was only after reading that book that I realized the way he was treating me was not okay, and that I deserved someone who could treat me better. This may or may not have been the case in this instance, but I thought I'd throw it out there I'd say FYL, OP, because it sucks that you tried to help her and she left you, but maybe also a bit of YDI--sometimes, pushing people to seek counseling is just a bad idea.

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haha what a backfire. this is why you must degrade women so that they are grateful to be with your ugly ass ;)

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you seriously should have seen that one coming...

Well aren't you just a ******* ray of sunshine?