By Baconcook3000 - 23/07/2011 11:00 - United Kingdom

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me because I put 7 kisses at the end of a text instead of 10. She said that our relationship was bound to fail if "I can't remember important things like that". FML
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stfuitscindeeeh9 3

If she's like that then it was for the best.

You took the words right out of my mouth 25. I don't really think your life sucks, unless you two were really serious. If that's the case, FYL:(

Boygenius50 8
flockz 19

then next time its her birthday and she bitches why u didnt get her something just say u cant remember stuff of that little importance.

juicedboi 7

That is the stupidest excuse I have heard for a breakup. I am surprised you even out 7.. I applaud your effort greatly my friend.

you should said "kiss this" while pointing to your genitals. that bitch is dumb

kewlkate 9

Its for the best if that chick was THAT crazy

liy223 6

she was right. the relationship was bound to fail, but only because she cares about stupid stuff like that.

kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss her goodbye

UN1T3D 6

you should have said well 7 is a lucky number... obviously it is because now I don't have to deal with you! ;P. nah really though, that sucks.

Idonebeenhad 17

you're better off without an OCD girlfriend

71- Clearly she's using that as an excuse to break up with him. It's obviously something else.

lool, putting any amount of X's is still gay.

I always thought kiss is a forrm of making love. Im now worried that they can even be used as a break-up weapon too.. damn love sucks.. big time.. no thumbs-down please (; but I mean it!!

Thunderbender 2

So what you're saying is you were in relationship with a crazy bitch and some how made it out of the relationship un-stabbed? Sounds good to me.

How does one have this thing called a "Girl friend" I've never heard of it.

a_nutritionist 10

i guess all i can say is congratulations. and my condolences for the temporary hiatus your penis may endure.

hcs4life21 0

160 - I think you mean "stupid"

u should have kicked her out of your life! ydi

ise3 10

I said ydi because hes better off without someone like that

Yeah.. Be happy you got away from her that easy..

fatguy805 0

I completely agree I wouldve broken up with her jus for sayin that haha

a_nutritionist 10

none of you are considering what its like for the poor girl. Today my boyfriend only gave me 7 kisses instead of 10, proving he doesnt care enough about me. FML ...just imagine living every day being that ******* stupid.

bet the bitch dots her I's with hearts

stfuitscindeeeh9 3

I'm surprised he put up with her long enough. No guy I know would put an effort into putting stupid little kisses at the end of a text.

the fact that she literally counted and verified is dreadful!

Dekoda 2

sounds like she's probably good with her mouth

eff5 0

I was thinking the exact same thing

shes probably bigger in other areas than her mind

PDeffinP 0
theten_fml 9

it's not what he does see in her, it's what he didn't see

58 - Lmao best comment I've seen today

NoobHat 6

She's what the common folk call an idiot.

if you ask me, this fml's a fake. someone THAT picky is a bit... you know over the top. unless she's joking around

wolfsheart 14

I would of dumbed her just for being that picky.

shybear15 0
baby_dee97 8

No, he would of dumbed her. Can't you people read?

a_nutritionist 10

funny how the person who cant articulate worth shit has said he would "dumb" her for being picky rather than because shes an idiot.

Sweej 1

You should be happy that whack job of a girlfriend is gone. Who the hell cares how many "kisses" someone puts at the end of a message?

I think the girl should have been glad he even added the "kisses" at the end.

heyimzim 4
Sweej 1

I was going for the more "creepy" look... LOL

tayyters 4

uh a 12 year old girl would possibly...

leemurcat 5

You deserve it for sending any 'kisses' at the end of a text.

ariannaa_fml 17

How could you forget something so important!?

Shannon_LeaAnn 1
A7X_LoVeee 10
kikilaughsatyou 0

Duhhh. everyone knows you have to put 10 kisses!!!!

Look on the bright side, you can now find a much better girlfriend who ISN'T a crazy freak. (: