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  UN1T3D  |  6

you should have said well 7 is a lucky number... obviously it is because now I don't have to deal with you! ;P. nah really though, that sucks.

  roger507  |  0

I always thought kiss is a forrm of making love. Im now worried that they can even be used as a break-up weapon too.. damn love sucks.. big time.. no thumbs-down please (; but I mean it!!

  a_nutritionist  |  10

none of you are considering what its like for the poor girl.
Today my boyfriend only gave me 7 kisses instead of 10, proving he doesnt care enough about me. FML

...just imagine living every day being that fucking stupid.

By  Sweej  |  1

You should be happy that whack job of a girlfriend is gone. Who the hell cares how many "kisses" someone puts at the end of a message?