By WaitWhat - 18/11/2017 08:16 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, I got into a minor car accident. No one got hurt, but the person that hit me was my father. Everyone thought he died 8 years ago. FML
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'Awkward' isn't a strong enough word.


'Awkward' isn't a strong enough word.


exileonmainst 16

So far, you have yet to ask one.

The car that can resurrect people on impact. Incredible.

This smells like something out of a soap opera.

Talk about ghosting!! He mastered it

BaDumTsss_fml 23

Well, this is certainly going to be a fun reunion

exileonmainst 16

”Mom, I’ve met this guy and he’s coming over for dinner, I just can’t wait for him to meet the family. I just think we’ve got this connection, you know?”

This might be a Fake post!

exileonmainst 16

Shit. No one has ever questioned the existence of my posts. I mean, I can see the post and so can you. But what if we’re both imaginary, then our posts would also be figments of imaginations. Can imaginations have imaginations? If we question our reality, does that make us real? Shit, this is too much to contemplate..

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!!! ... and your insurance agent.

I ain't scared of no ghost--but I am scared of the damage he did to my car.

Zombies can drive?

No, but vampires can.

Op: "My fathered died years ago!" Op's dad: *breathing in mask* "No, I am your father." *more breathing in mask*