By zetuga - 01/04/2015 07:40 - United Kingdom - Luton

Today, my girlfriend asked me to take my belt off as the buckle was hurting her leg. I didn't have a belt on. FML
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I really hope all these crappy FMLs get deleted when April Fool's is over. They're painful to read.

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this has to be April fools by admins these are awful

there's an algorithm they used to make all the FMLs look like this...not just the new ones. obviously they'll revert to their normal form after April fools is over.

Yes, I just looked through old ones and they're all like this. Maybe I'm just a party pooper, but I can't wait for them all to change back.

it's still here and I still dnt get the joke or the fml

GwennaRose 22

What exclamation marks? There aren't any on the post?

They must have changed it back to English, it looks quite lost.

FML's April fools day joke was to change the grammar of all the recent posts to texting language.

ops girl was sitting on his lap. he popped a boner and she felt it on her ass or on the back of her leg. there ya go.

But it's his girlfriend, why is it an FML?

Could someone explain to me what happened in fluent English?

#6: From what I understand, OP's Womb Raider resembles a rather flat and thin piece of metal. It's quite unfortunate, really.

Shadowvoid 33

I think this is an April Fools Joke

rockaroths 15

It looks like every post is like this, I looked through random ones and ones that had no errors yesterday. They all had grammatical errors.

#29. I just wanted to say that "womb raider" is my new favourite euphemism.

LostInTheZone11 29

It seems FML is going a little crazy with April Fools Day.