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Today, my brother mentioned my dad's birthday party. I said, "What party?" He said, "Shit, forgot I wasn't supposed to tell you." My own father doesn't want me at his party. FML
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Silver lining: No need to buy him a birthday present! Honestly though, your dad's an ass.


Is it just my cell? Or do the last six FML's have really bad spelling errors?

Okay nevermind. Good one guys! LOL my head is still a little foggy, late night. And I was unaware it's April 1st. Better go prank my fam jam before they wake up.

Stillll laughing about this! I'm reading everything in Cartmen's voice though.

Look at all the fmls. It seems they've been changed on purpose ?

YAS. I was going through wondering why are these being published? Well played, FML team, well played.

Silver lining: No need to buy him a birthday present! Honestly though, your dad's an ass.

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If he doesn't want you there, then don't go. He has maturity issues he needs to sort out. Don't be too offended OP, even parents are humans.

What is with all the spelling and grammatical errors in the FML's recently?

I was thinking the same thing, then I read an FML of yesterday I remember, and saw the spelling was changed on purpose. Happy April Fools

is it a prank too the comment i posted wasn't supposed to be here sorry #13

I love how all the latest FML posts are April fools posts

Not just the latest, I just read some random ones from the last few years, and they've altered those too :D

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Why is there so many FML's lately with bad spelling and grammar?

The FML staff is doing it on purpose. It's April fools.

The FML staff re-arranged the FMLs, even the older ones, to poor spelling or caps as an April Fools joke.