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  michaelaranda  |  28

Hey, OPs dad handled it better than others parents might have. when my first girlfriend broke up with me, my dad said things like good for her, she probably feels great, and son, she was probably the only hot girl you were ever gonna get, dont be mad you lost her, be happy you kept her for this long.

  glabberfasted  |  16

8 - I wouldn't think that would be a factor at all. You can be completely in love with someone for a long time before actually "being with" them as a couple. And someone can mean the world to you even if you've only known them a short time.

By  koalabear_55  |  11

It'll get better OP don't worry :) it hurts right now but trust me eventually you will find the girl who is perfect for you and will love you for who you are. In the mean time, try spending most of your free time with friends and family to keep your mind off of her. Good luck OP :)

  Gremlinek  |  16

Some of us just got to the point we don't care. If something comes along then it's ok but if it doesn't then there is always rubbing one off (or paid escorts).