By TJ - 6/4/2012 11:10 - United Kingdom - Redhill
  Today, my girlfriend and I were in bed. She slipped her hand under the duvet, and I got all excited thinking she was going to give me a hand job. She was actually pulling out her wedgie. FML
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By  texas_redneck88  |  10

What the hell is a duvet or whatever it was you called it? Since you said that y'all were layin' in bed, I'm gonna assume it's sheets or somethin'. But next time, how 'bout usin' a word that everyone knows

  emmaa3451  |  11

I hate Americans who think that just because they don't know what a word means, it's not English. People say "duvet" in Canada, Australia and the UK. So fucking google it already.


65 - No, he was said he "hate[s] Americans who think that just because they don't know what a word means, it's not English." Yes, it's almost always an American who doesn't know what a "fancy" word is, such as duvet. So don't be getting butthurt over a fact. Also, the fact that #10 is a Texas redneck (username), adds to the proof that he is ignorant and/or completely stupid.

  twisted_cherub  |  14

14- I hope you're saying you read it in a southern accent because he's from Texas, not just because he's ignorant. Thinking everyone from the South is stupid is just as bad as not knowing words of other English dialects. It's all ignorance.

  doubleohseven  |  0

Other countries aren't immune, they're just not ignorant enough to speak before opening their mouth. I am an American high school student and I see this every day.

That said, 18, calm down you probably don't know of any real life Americans. I've been to Canada and it rocked so much harder than the US but there's no need to brag. And we've got enough morons with guns and enough money in the nuclear weapons programs here to tell you not to go calling names to Americans.

  emmaa3451  |  11

114- actually I use to live in Los Angeles for 3 years, where I went to school, and I've been to pretty much every major USA city, where we've got tons of friends. Just saying :)

  downtime  |  12

45 I think it meant that its odd that seeing a hand go under the covers he automatically assumed shes about to instigate that. My junk must get really disappointed a lot, I often put my hand under the covers and not touch it.