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Hey India could be fun! Just try not to get lost or kidnapped. Of course I don't know how you'll drive across the ocean but, meh, thats all just logistics


Right? He better have made sure his car can go across the ocean or this trip will be such a let down.

YDI OP for choosing looks over brains >.>

But we don't know the bf is hot...

And so what if he's stupid? She could still love him for who he is.

You're going to want to invest in and Amphicar or an AeroCar. They exist, but they're pretty damn old...

Also, PS: Bangladesh is a separate country from India.

Hey India could be fun! Just try not to get lost or kidnapped. Of course I don't know how you'll drive across the ocean but, meh, thats all just logistics

It concerns me he doesn't realize those are two separate countries.

Just ride a ferry across the ocean. That's obviously what he meant right? That was sarcasm. Maybe I should have typed "fairy" to make it more obvious.

It took me a second to realize he said two different country names. I thought, wait, I don't think Bangladesh is in India? And then it hit me. OP should give him a map.

What I want to know is this...what was the OP's BF's plan to get across the ocean when he was told he'd need to cross it.

Oh gee. you seem to have mistaken India with Mexico or some south American countries. just because we have brown skin doesn't mean we all kidnap. Grow up. She won't even get lost because people speak decent English and generally like to help.

While I did get upset that the person mentioned kidnapping like that's an Indian norm, I don't think you should put down South America.

People always say things about getting lost and/or kidnapped when others are traveling to foreign countries or places. Don't worry # 60, it's not just your country they say that joke about. Well, people do that to me, at least... I really hope she hops in the car with him, films it, and posts his reaction when he realizes he can't get there by car alone on YouTube or something. That would be funny...if she has the time, of course. ;)

And hey, maybe he wants to go to both places...or he was just pulling her leg, and trying to be extremely obvious about pointing out his mistake so he wouldn't have to continue with the prank/joke...or he's just THAT stupid...

that and the crossing of the ocean on a car...

Have you ever tried routing on google maps? They suggest a canoe

I lost it at the logistics part.

Go via Alaska. Yep, that should work.

Drive to Alaska and take the ferry from Sarah Palin's house obviously.

Check to see if he booked you, you might be able to cancel. On the other hand, good luck driving to India!

I'm pretty sure he can't book tickets to Bangladesh, India. Since it doesn't exist and they're two different countries.

What are you talking about? Booked her for what?

Meant hotels... Just realized how stupid my comment is

that doesnt even make sense but i guess that's the point.

^Thats the sound of the post flying right over your head

It's gonna be rough riding, but if you head due north, drive onto an ice flow, do a hop across the North Pole, hop another ice flow, carefully drive through Russia and around some mountains, and bam, easy as that, you drove to India!

Hope they have an extra large gas tank...

Maybe he has an Amphicar.

the problem is gonna be getting to Bangladesh India...

Pah, planes are for scrubs. Just drive along the sea floor, I'm sure you'll be fine.

Psssh..... If it works for Sponge bob and Patrick, I don't see why it can't work for OP!

Jesus turned into a car, Jesus never turned into a car.

Maybe not, but he built my Hot Rod. It's a love affair. Mainly between Jesus. And my car.

#7 is right everyone knows all you have to do is roll up the windows

You thought he meant Indiana when he clearly said India?

Simple mistake anyone could make, I think? Since the names are similar and Indiana is where some of her friends are at.

I guess he said he wanted to drive there, so OP assumed he was talking about a place within the same land mass and not somewhere with a great big ocean in between.

Idiotic as your boyfriend may be, he sounds like a fun person

Maybe he owns Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. As a kid that was my dream car. Actually it's still my dream car!

Poor guy just needs a quick geography lesson. Help him out:)

He must have thought India was right next to Indiana that's all :)

India is a lot of fun! Don't forget to wear bug spray

You may want to apply it after you cross the ocean so it won't wear off from the water.