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  MisterEx  |  28

Excuse my ignorance for not knowing anything related to this topic, but as long as the GF is implying that OP's thingy is like "Peter" the "Imp" and not "Peter" the "limp", then it's all good.


I like Tyrion! Haha. I actually think he's a good person; he's got a sense of decency that most Lannisters don't have. :P (I'm not sure if you've read the books or not but that's where my opinion is coming from).

  texaskitty86  |  25

*spoiler alert* practically everyone but tyrion dies. So hey! She's calling you a survivor at least!

Of course she could also be implying you're short, ill tempered, and/or ugly, but we'll look on the bright side on this one.

By  CHUBBYninja  |  18

And is that the rough and tough guy? Or is it the guy that looks like he hasn't touched a bench press in his life? Cause I mean I would rather want the rough and tough guy then the wimp.

By  josiemorehouse  |  12

Better Tyrion than Walder Frey or Littlefinger!! :) Either a really old guy or a guy whose name sounds like a tiny pinkie!! Hehe!!

A Lannister always pays his debts!

Neither FYL or YDI, just awesomeness!!! Ha!!

  tygerarmy  |  35

She's not necessarily calling him small, if you've read the books there is another reason Shae calls him her "Giant of a Lannister."
If she wanted to call him small she could call him Varys, Theon, or Littlefinger.


I wasn't basing penis size on height, I was saying that she was comparing Tyrion, who is small in terms of height, and his dick, which I thought she was sauing was small in terms of size.