By dunno why we bother - 31/03/2014 20:07 - United States - Tampa

Today, while on patrol with my partner, we came across a guy getting a beat-down on the sidewalk. After restraining the attacker, we helped the victim to his feet, only for him to spit at us and call us "goddamn pigs". You're welcome, sir. FML
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This is why we can't have nice things.

Some people don't deserve the decency extended by others - it's good to know there are decent people like you guys looking out for others.


This is why we can't have nice things.

We can't have nice things AND aliens won't talk to us? Dang...

Call of Duty reference?

I feel like they probably stumbled upon a fightclub.

Hate it when that happens. Good for you and your partner though OP.

People spit on you and call you a pig often?

Yeah. might have something to do with being a pig.

We know nothing of her sex life so dont question it.

Some people don't deserve the decency extended by others - it's good to know there are decent people like you guys looking out for others.

While I'm sure they're decent people, it's also sort of their job. :P

They chose that job

doesnt mean they should have to put up with that sort of treatment, especialy from someone they just helped.

Helping the community for those appreciative people sounds so fun.

Assuming you're police, charge him with assault and give him a real reason for his angst

As a side note, thank you for the work that you do to help idiots like this, and the more appreciative. You'll run in to many assholes, but just remember that one day you are bound to change someone's life for the better if you keep on the straight and narrow path...

This. He spit at you. That is assault with a deadly weapon. If any of his saliva made contact he could have just given you a communicable disease like HIV or AIDS. You would be entirely within your rights to press charges and have him jailed, and he would deserve it for being a foul, disgusting piece of shit.

^not quite assault with a deadly weapon, but still assault and possibly could be charged with obstruction due to the distraction while restraining the assailant. All depends how it went down.

The one time I had someone arrested for spitting on me, I was told it counted as assault with a deadly weapon due to spit being a biohazard. Maybe that is just my county then.

You can't get HIV from saliva (Although if he spat blood and OP somehow ingested it, it's a different story.)

Everyone's always telling a cop how to do his job, even on FML. haha

You can't get AIDS from spit. Lol. Proven fact.

since he was being beaten it's not unreasonable to think he could have blood in his mouth, if that got in op's eyes then whatever this guy had op could get. Anyways still not a deadly weapon, but assault nonetheless. I probly would have just walked away and let the guy beat on him some more.

It's easy to see why you would wanna be a cop now

And then it started to rain, blows from batons.

I too have a love and hate job. All we can do is continue to help others.

That is such a dick move down in Cuba you would be beaten in front of your family for that

Would it be to keep you at *bay*?

...why the hell would anyone say that to someone who was helping in a serious situation? I guess people can be assholes sometimes. OP, I hope the next person you help is a bit more grateful.