By Anonymous - 31/10/2014 10:46 - Australia

Today, my friend thought she would "save me some time" by spoiling Game of Thrones. FML
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toxic_walrus 15

Anybody who spoils a TV show isn't a true friend ?


kristabelli 19

Don't worry OP, it's still fantastic even if you know what's going to happen! With the books already out there it woulda been hard for you not to find out stuff anyway. (That was still a lame thing to do, though. Such a no-no.)

malea_17 16

That would piss me off. That's my favorite show!

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I like the books better but the show is also amazing!

Rainhawk94 27

Brace yourself, spoilers are coming, wait too late

In Book 10, the last word of Hodor is "Hodor".. there, I said it. You may now stop watching GoT for there is no further reason...

toxic_walrus 15

Anybody who spoils a TV show isn't a true friend ?

toxic_walrus 15

Sorry guys that question mark was an accident

Well, a friend who spoils anything isn't a true friend.

Well I agree, you don't need that negativity in your life lol

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christina3466 17

Only true readers understand the pain of people doing this.

PerditaDessa 38

Readers tend to spoil the show for those who don't read the books. Personally, I find it hard not to smile or give anything away when a friend picks a favorite character.

Isn't it their own fault? I mean, first rule of Game Of Thrones : Never ever under any circumstances pick yourself a favorite'll end up in tears

This FML scares me because of the spoilers that could be posted here.