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Today, my friends and I were hanging out when we thought it would be cool to set off a few fireworks. Nothing burns quite like the hair on the left side of your head. FML
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ArtIsResistance7 1

Except the hair on the right side! Ouch! Bet it smells too. Your life sucks!

ninjasaurous 0

21-pardon me, sir gangster, but your trousers are descending.


Averizzle 0

Sean your ******* are so fly..

kidsanchez1 4

You Dumb Idiot you had to have parental supervision?

Why would they delete my comment I wasn't tryna brag about being first?

Averizzle 0

Idk Sean but I'm on top now! Your ******* are still amazing though..

Of course you did, Freeze. That's why I created it. Just for you... And thanks, Averizzle, they try.

FFML_314 11

Yeah, YDI for obvious reasons. :)

lol actually ur pubes burn nice too, but idk that for a fact

NzxtZ06 0

not true, the hair on the right side of your head will burn just as quickly and efficiently.

Well you can always count on your hair as a useful alternative to firewood.

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MrCalves 1

OP is probably the coolest kid in his neighborhood now

samanthadude 0

7 - I set off fireworks without parental supervision, then again, I'm over 18. :P OP - Obviously you shouldn't be playing with fireworks if you don't know how to use them properly. YDI, but sorry about your hair.

How do you not deserve this?! Go find something else to do for fun that can't leave you with burns, idiot.

bubbarific 0

wht a perfect way 2 celebrate michael jackson's death anniversery!!!

KiddNYC1O 20

sounds like fun. mission accomplished

I set off fireworks and ended up setting fire to an empty block in the middle of town :)

Lexiegirlxx 4

has anyone ever told you not to play with fire? especially if you are going to be that dumb?

lololol24 0

Do it again but aim for the right side of your head. You'll have a Mohawk and won't look half as retarded haha.

pwincessa23 1

hair burns even if it's on the other side

maybe the hair on the right side of your head?

Anthonyemolove 0

I actually chuckled at this one.... keep em coming people

dorworters 9

hair on the right side maybe?

ArtIsResistance7 1

Except the hair on the right side! Ouch! Bet it smells too. Your life sucks!

You beat me to it. lol OP, that sucks. Look at the bright side, once you get over the burn, your head will be nice and cool for summer.

wow what retards. that sucks for you though.

OP is such a dumbass.. playing with fire(works) = u get burned

i'm going to assume that OP was being a moron if he singed the hair on the side of his head...not sure why you would have your face that close to the fireworks. i mean, i've burned myself, been hit with fireworks, had fireworks go off too soon when i wasnt far enough away yet, but i can say in all my years of playing with them, i've never burned my hair. SAFETY FIRST.

stickypoopy 0

I did that when I first operated a gas stove

_celizabeth 0

The hair on the right side will burn just as well :P But seriously, why were you so close that your hair got burnt? You set up, you light, you run. Unless of course nothing happens in which case you wait, or if that's too boring throw a stick at it first and then head back towards it.

Some fireworks you wanna hold on to for a sec so it'll go off in the air or whatever.

I thought all fireworks were supposed to go off into the air?

On the bright side, you have an excuse to get the mohawk you've always secretly wanted.

stickypoopy 0

that would just make them look stupider. how about you get a mowhawk and see how you like it

yoitssabrina 0

hey,some people can pull it off ! not many,but some. its not a hairstyle i favor but those who have it look pretty badass xD

#16 Actually, some people can really rock the mohawk and make it hot. I agree with #32! :P I can't say that I've had a mohawk before, but I did once have a faux-hawk.

letsgododgers213 0

I have a Mohawk :D I think it's pretty hawt ;) lol jkjk. I need to get on a real computer so I can show a girl can pull off a Mohawk too.

And right before it gets deleted ^hehe#69

stickypoopy 0

45 your a perv that girl is like 12

letsgododgers213 0

calling someone beautiful does not make you a perv. think before you talk

Both girls are beautiful. My 8 year old sister is beautiful. It's not a perverted thing to say. Now if I said my 8 year old sister is sexy, then there could be some bitching. ;)

45- Nerdsgetmehot the cute girl that you called beautiful is very beautiful. She also has videos on YouTube that I've seen. First she is certainly not 12 years old. I'd say 18 or 19. She is funny and smart. Plus she likes Star Wars and Harry Potter. Which means she is cool as hell. If I wasn't already married and in love with my wife I would totally fall for a girl like Nerds. The point is there is nothing wrong with you giving her a compliment.

letsgododgers213 0

Hahaha. Well, thanks for the compliment! :) I'll be 21 next week, so all of you were just a little bit off on my age... :P

letsgododgers213 0

haha you're welcome. wow really? you look like you are 16 years old. :) you are so cute;)

Thanks! :P Yep, regrettably I've always looked way younger than I actually am! I guess that will come in handy later in life, though.

letsgododgers213 0

yup :) it's always good to look younger. you seem like a pretty cool girl, if anytime you want to talk on myspace or yahoo im my email for myspace is [email protected] and my yahoo im is [email protected]. ;)

letsgododgers213 0

do u have yahoo instant messanger or myspace ? •:)