By desertpunk75 - 19/01/2011 03:40 - United States

Today, my friends thought it'd be funny to hold lighters under the smoke alarms while I was sleeping. FML
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Lol is it me or can I actually see this going on

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Idk if I'm allowed to say this, but it's a website where people upload videos of them pranking other people and/or getting pranked.

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don't complain. I don't even have fire alarms at my house. what's that burning I smell

yup besides the fact that everything in his apartment/complex is now soaked unless the were just normal home use ones.

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I doubt people would do that if there was a sprinkler system. I think it was just to scare him and wake him up with the noise.

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Being awaken by an alarm? That is unheard-of!

Uh, since when does a lighter have enough soot to set off a smoke alarm? Maybe they held the test button? No matter, your friends are tools.

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I think you'd be surprised what can set those off. My parents bought an RC helicopter and that thing sets off the smoke alarm if you bring it anywhere near it. Doesn't make any damn sense to me.

The infrared that controls those copters probably interfere with the beam that measures soot content. That would be my guess. Now I'm going to have to fly mine by the smoke alarms in the morning to see if I can set mine off. :D

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I really don't know if it's infrared or radio wave. I'll just assume that RC = "remote controlled" and not "radio controlled" so I don't feel like I made a incorrect assumption. Good luck setting it off I guess? It's more of a pain in the ass in my opinion.

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Hmm, on Christmas day, we had four helicopters in the air and none of our detectors went off. Maybe a sensitivity issue? The cars that drive on walls have set off our humidity destroyers before. (So I don't know what they are called). To much heat in the area.

I have a bunch of the Air Hog choppers. Some are equipped for laser battle and one that shoots missles. They are all IR control. I'm not that much of a pilot that I have ever been up the hall near the fire detector but it will be fun to try.

The smoke detector doesn't specifically detect smoke, it merely detects aerosols. Which means it's rather dusty at your place if the helicopter can set it off.

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I think we got some other detectors too (possibly heat). I don't know how they work, but I think that they are weird to set of the smoke alarms if they go off. It's certainly not a dust thing. Those helicopters don't displace much air, and you don't need to bring it that close to the detector.

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Smoke detectors operate by measuring the ionization levels of air particles. Air travels into a detection chamber where Americium ionizes the atoms. Particles that are contaminated produce a negative charge that snap to an electrode in the detection chamber which sets off an alarm.

The flame from a lighter doesn't set off smoke alarms. Nor does the radio frequency used to control a radio controlled helicopter. Smoke alarms do not work on radio frequency or infrared. I'm calling bullshit on the FML and the helicopter comment.

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Can you say "revenge"? (; you know what to do OP!