By kaycie_lynn - 19/02/2010 01:11 - United States

Today, I chuckled at a "No Smoking" sign as I lit my cigarette. I bent my head down to light it and somehow managed to light my hair on fire. FML
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Top comments a BITCH, she always gets to you first!

Comments a BITCH, she always gets to you first!

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Yeah, I was going to say I hope the OP died for being such an asshole moron; but then I remembered they were a smoker and will die soon anyways. Good riddance.

Adree 15

Maybe if you wouldn't put other people's health at risk a long with your own, karma wouldn't **** with you.

SunsetFever 3

Be smart don't start seems to have a deeper meaning here.

katiedoll6 7

She burnt her hair because she wasnt' vigilant, and possibly stupid...It is though hilariously ironic how she burnt her hair after she read the sign...It does beg the question though, how often do smokers with long hair burn their hair?

iamghostbad 0

ahem* oh hai :) I'm number 6 down there

YDI for smoking and being an ass. If it says no smoking- it's no smoking. Did your hair light on fire because you had a ton of product and hairspray in it

iamghostbad 0

lol fail. this happens to hippies like me alot, ths why we dnt brush our hair, it hides it ;)

Maybe that will be the "sure fire way" to know it's time to quit smoking. Unless you want to die, then go right ahead.

chuckles at sign also. **** it lights a cig too.

bnizzle 0

lights their hair on fire too.

Jrook 0

logic dictates if you catch on fire you're made of wood and therefore a witch

gigi37 0

So...we can build a bridge out of her? =D

Are you quoting lines from MPATHG and not waiting around for my retreat? Ni! Ni!

gigi37 0

NOU...uh, No,No, No, No..NI? So have you figured out what is the capital of Assyria?

That's not really the thing in question here. We were discussing the average air speed velocity of an unladen swallow, especially when it comes to the migratory patterns of coconuts...

Blue NO GREEN *aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh* What is your QUEST!

jasonsaied 1

um wtf? lol. did anyone else notice that everyone on fml is white?

We aren't white! Some of us are twinkees.

#130 No, we can make a few more "No Smoking" signs out of her!!!

metalmusic 0

I bet you chuckled at your scorched hair, too.

snicker what ever ur a itch!!! I like it! haha!