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  NzxtZ06  |  0

I will need to see recent pictures of this escapade in order to appropriately determine the validity of this FML. Please have this photographic evidence in my possession by the end of the day.

  samanthadude  |  0

^ isn't it funny how people say " no offense " or " just sayin " when the comment is clearly offensive? I'm not saying your comment was offensive, just ranting. :P
I also think Ashleigh255 is pretty though. :)

  AdventSeph  |  7

God that would be horrible. My sister's always wear whatever I have a fetish for and they always tend to ruin it for me. It's just so wierd when a family member does that.

  DamnDatFML  |  0

Actually I've seen my brothers dick before, it wasn't an incest thing, he just came out of the bathroom walking around like it was nothing, Now is that what you expect from a Valadictorian? I don't think so

By  ArtIsResistance7  |  1

Damn OP, you should be paying respect to those things - they nurtured you when you were little. Think where you would be without them. We all know they put weird preservatives in baby 'formula'. Now suck it up, and bow down to them.


I don't, no. But I do enjoy the company of boobs. I'm just grateful for the purpose they serve, and how fun they are.

Sucks OP had to endure the probably humiliating experience though.