By noname - 25/06/2010 17:29 - United States

Today, my mother wore a see through shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra. FML
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MrCalves 1

80 don't you hate when people type in all caps? It's pretty damn annoying

stickypoopy 0

I hope it wasn't "NIPPY" outside!


Apolloholix13 0

how does that make it an FML for you?

kidsanchez1 4

is your mother by any chance a MILF

#1, you wanna see your mom's ****? Not the end o the world but it'd suck.

Averizzle 0

When we were babies we were suckin on em.. So just gettin a peak can't be day ruining..

Rickymonkeypants 0

if your mom is a mild or it didn't happen!

Rickymonkeypants 0

*milf sorry iPhone auto spell

When we were born we were inside our moms ******. It'd still be ****** up if you wanted to or didn't mind seeing it again.

Ewww I bet she has some orangutan *******. hahahaha

Olympian94 0

This FML would be 10x funnier if the OP had a fetish for the "outfit" :P

FFML_314 11

Lol, your mom was just setting her girls free. You have no idea how annoying is keeping them cooped up all day long. MILFS FTW!

NzxtZ06 0

I will need to see recent pictures of this escapade in order to appropriately determine the validity of this FML. Please have this photographic evidence in my possession by the end of the day.

00yoda4 0

I bet you loved it hot mama

tsc32 2

pics or it didn't happen.. cougars ftw!

DON'T U JUST HATE SEEIN "PIX OR IT DIDNT HAPPEN" on EVERY SINGLE FML???!!!!!!??? it's pretty dam annoying 

MrCalves 1

80 don't you hate when people type in all caps? It's pretty damn annoying

#80 that's exactly what I was thinking

nyabya92 0

'pics or it didn't happen' is so annoying. oh & FYL op!

samanthadude 0

I agree with 57. I see my mommy's tetas a lot. :P She's like a nudist, it's gross, but I sort of gotten used to it.

your mom is clearly a ***** for wearing clothes like that in public

tjrocks1294 0

was it cold outside? o_O ding ding turkeys done!

Where did it say mom was in public? It didn't.

Blue_Coconuts 7

12, when you were coming out of your moms ****** your mouth was open too, but I'm sure you'd bitch if you got a taste of her now.... At least I'd hope.

you got off lucky... imagine that being your grandma FML

All these mom fml's make me have bad mental images :( Same as the one stripping on the beach from two days ago.

this would be an fyl if you saw it and got a boner.

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eehizle 0

^ are you blind? no offense…

samanthadude 0

^ isn't it funny how people say " no offense " or " just sayin " when the comment is clearly offensive? I'm not saying your comment was offensive, just ranting. :P I also think Ashleigh255 is pretty though. :)

Lexiegirlxx 4

hahaha be happy it's not ur grandma

ajscw 0

in soviet russia u dont see ur moms boobs they see you

samanthadude 0

Uh . . Your the one who told me you were busy, so I didn't bring it up. Btw, I like your new picture :) is that in Queens?

109 lmao the middle girl's bikini is falling off

OliviaNicole 5

So funny and gross. Haha. Really gross if she has pepperoni ****!

samanthadude 0

173 - I am the girl in the middle. -_- It's all good though, I like the picture. :P

OP you need counseling if the actions of others, over which you have no control, f*cks up your life.

NzxtZ06 0

sorry, I meant 126 on that last post

lololol24 0

Lol at least she wasn't lactating OP...

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stewpididiot 11

I like it. it makes me laugh. either because if, or inspire of, the fact that I know it's coming.

44- I love your hair. o.o well, idunno if it's really you, but regardless, it's prettyful. [:

170/172 please don't tell me you go to jones beach... nasty place really. only time it's good is during the airshow

I woke up to my mom giving me a hand job before... she let me cum in her mouth :x

lololol24 0

223.... just what the **** man. what the ****.

AdventSeph 7

God that would be horrible. My sister's always wear whatever I have a fetish for and they always tend to ruin it for me. It's just so wierd when a family member does that.

223 - That is probably one of the creakiest things I've ever seen on this site, if that's not fake. :/

^ creepiest*** iPhone auto correct ftl

uhh ewwwww . she's your mother 233. ( like the comment above me said , if this isn't fake that's ******* creepyyyy .)

Blame_The_Dog 0

WINCEST. Get dad involved, but make him pay, I bet the dirty bastard has wanted you both since you turned 12.

yummyyyy , jkjkjkjkjkjk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in juust kidddding y'all

NIRVANAfan123 0

119...yeh turkeys gone, cuz u ate it

mthurston 14
BehindTheSun 2

Oh, that sounds incredibly hot. Waking up to see your mom's flapjacks must not be a good way to start your day.

mthurston 14
tsc32 2

if she is a milf then there's no need to gouge the eyes out. if she is old and wrinkly, then fyl OP.

the_Flirt 0

if ur mom is hot than this isn't an fml

it's their MOM! would u like seeing ur mom's boobs? O.o

and maybe it's a she.. fhl either way.

xthetisx 0

that's like saying you wanna see your dad's dick

Actually I've seen my brothers dick before, it wasn't an incest thing, he just came out of the bathroom walking around like it was nothing, Now is that what you expect from a Valadictorian? I don't think so

tperknohomo 0

I'm gonna need to give her a cancer exam

ArtIsResistance7 1

Damn OP, you should be paying respect to those things - they nurtured you when you were little. Think where you would be without them. We all know they put weird preservatives in baby 'formula'. Now suck it up, and bow down to them.

stickypoopy 0
ArtIsResistance7 1

I don't, no. But I do enjoy the company of boobs. I'm just grateful for the purpose they serve, and how fun they are. Sucks OP had to endure the probably humiliating experience though.

stickypoopy 0
ArtIsResistance7 1

Yeah, you could say that ;) Not by any lactating women though.

stickypoopy 0
ArtIsResistance7 1

pretty sure half of the people didn't get that.

I bet you feel stupid now stickypoopy

stickypoopy 0

so? it's like asking someone if they have pie but there allergic. it's not like I knew

Yea ok... but you were trying to be a smart ass and it backfired.

the_Flirt 0

it does matter if ur not gay