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  _THE_MASTER_  |  0

lol @ 2 and even more @ 84...and have a lot of fun explaining your nickname to any chick you ever talk to, cause you know if your friends are around, they're gonna walk up and be like 'hey, stereotype, who's this?' course, you could just say that you got it 'cause your good at math or terrible at driving...

  MrsFxckIt  |  0

lol genius comment:]
Anywho, OP you're gay and retarded. First of all, why do you care whose dick is largest? You obviously must've known you were small. Second of all, how are you comfortable just pulling down your Boxers oh wait sorry..Tidy Widies for your friends to check you out? Gay.
You and your friends are total losers..YDI

  F_U_GUY  |  0

Don't tell someone off for calling someone stupid while calling them a hypocrite, you respectable person.

And no one said homosexuals were a race.

  add899  |  0

Taryn, have u never been on a boat? smaller bots have more motion an rocking while bigger ones are smoother. I don't think that helps the argument much tho. I too, am asian

  chveya  |  6

Y'know, it's kind of pointless to reply to an early comment that you aren't even talking about when you're just one number after them. I've seen people in the hundreds do it, but c'mon. This is ridiculous.

  debbtennis  |  0

How bout you learning some Grammar.

instead of me and my friends it should be ; my friends and I.

Stupid ass. Before making fun of people, learn grammar.

ass hole.

  spacer_  |  0

jaysus he was making a point. Since when does grammar on the net have to be perfect? Before you start lecturing others on grammar maybe start with the basics like, I don't know, capital letters.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Well, it doesn't have to be perfect, but using good grammar (anywhere, not just the Internet) generally makes people think you might have some idea of what you're saying.
But "me and [other(s)]" is too common a mistake, speaking and writing, to be ragging on somebody for it, especially if it's the only mistake. I'd actually be more concerned that they're one of those douches who Capitalize Every Letter in Their Sentence Like They Thought Their Whole Life Was One Big Movie Title.
Nice comeback, though lol

As for everyone going "OMG COMPARING SIZES LIEK GROSS!!"
I've... never actually heard of this as being an odd practice. I was actually pretty sure that most guys did it at some point or another. Guess not. [shrugs]