By - 21/2/2020 14:00

No chance

Today, my girlfriend of two years called me over late at night. I got excited, assuming she finally wanted sex. No, she just wanted me to make her mac and cheese and talk to her because she was ‘restless’. FML
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  Emma Koski  |  17

Have you considered asexuals or people who want to wait until marriage?

  jriley4u  |  17

It may not define a relationship but it is certainly a part of it. I pity your man. You must throw out a guilt trip every time you get intimate.

By  Silverion Sairee  |  13

A mac & cheese date sounds great. Hanging out with girlfriend, spending time together, is the best thing, you don't need sex to have fun. You should be great friends with your lover before becoming lovers, and also communication is key. Have you talked with her how you want to take the next step in your relationship and start having sex, is she even ready for that kind of thing? Express your desires in wanting to make love to her, and also having sex is not the same as making love together. Remember it's not all about you.