By lilben - 10/06/2011 08:09 - United States

Today, I was given a new nickname at work due to my boss always confusing me with one of my co-workers who is taller than me. Someone suggested he just call us the same name to make it simpler, and the tall one would be big and the short one little. Everyone at my job now calls me Little Dick. FML
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Gotta admit it's a FYL, but also pretty funny.

FMLandurstoo 9

"Size doesn't matter!"


Gotta admit it's a FYL, but also pretty funny.

I guess your boss knows more about you than you thought.... hahahaha

When in doubt, whip it out! Jk, you don't want to lose your job in this economy unless you got another lined up. You need to show that it doesn't bother you, own it and embrace it even, then it will lose it's power and people will eventually stop calling you Little Dick. Good luck!

Atleast he doesn't maake you into a group of two and call you "double..... " nevermind that's just nnaassttaaay.

Maybe you can get your coworker "Big Dick" to switch names with you? That is, if you do him a favor, such as 'for swallowing.'

54 - No. Just no. Nice FML reference but definately used disgustingly.

Would you mind if I take a shit?

I bet Big Dick loves the new system.

Badshah29 6

umm, y would your parents name you dick? thats ridiculous

fmlluver1415 6

no livin in pakistan is ridiculous :p

Badshah29 6

ur saying dat cuz u've never been hea dude. i've been around, no place like pakistan

miamiheatfan56 0

90- Dick is a nickname for Steven...

Or Rick, Richard, and someone you really don't like.

Thunderbender 2

Why don't you just go by Richard?

Hello Dick. Lemme guess, your last name is Johnson.

imacreeper 3

they should have called the big one "moby dick" and you "little dick" to show the great difference between you two!

 You get called over the intercom, 'Little Dick.. come to my office, fast!' Walk of shame

The OP might be small, but I bet he gets the job done! (lame pun :p)

who really cares? your names little dick and you get paid

fmlluver1415 6

hmmm kinda doubt it dude (:

mismonroe 0

Was Fat Dick taken?

maz255 10

156 wtf dude...

ya....but little Richard isn't much better

well that blows big dick! we just know that's not u with the large penis.

strizz18 0

was that supposed to be funny?

TylersMB 0

i dont think so

denbeste 3

#2 I hope you're not a next gen comedian...

no that wasn't a joke. I was half asleep. my bad. I'm not even sure what I meant.

haha this is not funny... but funny lmaoo

yeah I was reading that comment and I was like...what the fuck?

fmlluver1415 6

I'm confused 0.o lol

83- ... excuses, excuses! man up and forget about it, don't re-comment.

jessie12198 0

I like ur picture

FMLandurstoo 9

"Size doesn't matter!"

hossjosh 1

yes it does, if you have a small dick and know how to use it sex is good, but if you have a huge dick and know what your doing then your amazing.

randiZ25 0

bull crap! women just say that to make guys feel better about themselves!

that coming from a guy with a picture of Herbert the Pervert!

randiZ25 0

hey hossjosh I live about 60 miles west of you, craziness!

FMLandurstoo 9

You do know I was using quotes right?

denbeste 3

#3 I see your redneck alert went off also

The hell it doesn't! Giggity

Usually people who say that need help finding their dick. Find your penis $1! Find your penis $1!

I really think you all really missed he was trying to be funny...

redshortsx 0

definitely matters... buuuut there is such a thing as too big O:

anyone else find that it is weird that hoss knows so much about dick sex?

hook_em 0

I suppose they don't get the trend we are doing on here just acting like the characters

SpeshulK 0

86, you have to say "Oh no..." at the end of that for your pic

hook_em 0

92 yes I know but it was a serious comment it wasn't a oh no comment

SteelCladAngel 0

meh I dated a guy with a pretty small-ish penis but he was dynamite in bed dated a guy with a /slightly/ girthier than average tho average length and /he/ was also dynamite dated a guy with a 10" that was as big around as my wrist and...he was seriously lacking in the talent department. it's not size's practice makes perfect ;)

IronMaiden45 0

LMAO that's what I was thinking

deadpool91 0

lol I think we need more comments with family guy characters as avatars

111 I totally agree with you!

Pluto: proof that size does matter.

redneck0328 5

well ain't that a tad inconvenient?

Call me "Paw." That's what I go by now, ok Little Dick?

mismonroe 0

It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion in the ocean, but it sure takes a HELLUVA long time to get to England in a row boat.

Muffinzz11 7

153 Pluto isn't considered a planet anymore. size mattered in that occasion.

Muffinzz11 7

my bad I read it wrong hehe silly me 

Which is exactly why I use it as an example.

Oh, you posted that a I was posting my comment.

Muffinzz11 7

fma ftw

ienjoithinqs 0

"say I got alittle dick, I still stick it in, it's not about the size of it it's where you get to stick it in" -TimothyDeLaGhetto

so you can fist yourself? awesome!! everyone fails to see the humor within the quotation!

OP, I feel ya, but whatever, just don't let it affect you, show people you don't care and it's nothing but a nickname. on a side note.. I love family guy character accounts!!

Venister 11


so the other employee is named big dick?

FMLandurstoo 9

No, that's my name,

hook_em 0

Ohhh nooo mr Herbert what are you doing to these little kids. you are a dirty old man ooooo

ur pretty smart

NastyNinja31 0

if I was "big dick" I wud make u bow and call me king kong

29- Ha. I find that very interesting. but since that is also gross, I must scream now. AAAH!AAH! AAAH!

livvyluvlaf 8

lol whats with all the family guy ppl?!

thisdue1775 0


what are the chances of two dicks working in the same office?!

sassypants93 17

You are what you eat...

thisdue1775 0

Im a banana

When I eat meat, I gain more meat on my body When I eat potatoes, I obtain it's shape. When I eat a cucumber... let's not go there

steelersfan3250 0

i love sayin that to people when they call me a pu ss y

aubrey1 0

Can you say that into the microphone?

Lololol aubery nice

I'm you I would take it out and show it every time someone calls me that ..... I bet it would stop or maybe you will get lucky ..... it's a win win for you Tiny Dick

What if he really is "Little Dick"?

that will also more than likely get you fired.

Let's not forget sued for sexual harassment AND arrested for public indecency.

lmaoo that would be funny

maybe he gets some pity sex

TylersMB 0

hahaha, thats unfortunate. lmao

alexavb15 4

ha , cutee (;

TylersMB 0

haha :P thx

tweetbaby14 18

hahaha it's called private messaging.

It's not your fault, it's your shoe size.

Muffinzz11 7

lol that is a myth

That'd be pretty good for 'Big Dick'.

NoobHat 6

This is in vain but whatever. You're Australian. You're really pretty. Tough combo to beat. Thought you should know.

Leatherandlace 0

You look like Selena Gomez!