By NiHao - 28/09/2009 03:16 - Canada

Today, I was at my friend's dorm eating supper. He and all his roommates are Chinese, and since I'm majoring in Chinese, I could understand what they were talking about. Too bad none of his friends knew that, and talked about banging me while I was sitting there. FML
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i would have surprised them by speaking to them in chinese and tell them an awesome comeback to shut them up then walked right out.

You should've responded in Chinese by saying, "Too bad I wouldn't feel your tiny Asian dicks!" Buhahahaha.


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Yeah OP. If someone is taking about banging you, you should feel great. I love people to talk about screwing me once in a while.

you shouldve just burst into their conversation in perfect Chinese.

op you shoulda said im sorry i dont like asian chodes inside of me =D


ur disturbing

I would of said something in Chinese to them I can understand you assholes and left

I would've just joined the conversation and been like: "Ha, yea, totally!"

not a fml at all. it would be a fml if they were insulting you.

They were probably gonna rape her... Nah, OP just can't take a compliment

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your 19 or 20 so why are you drinking

Ddamn mayb i know why... cus he lives in fucking Vvvvvvvegas!!!! who doesnt! or maybe its fake.... doubt that tho bitch

83- they weren't drinking smart one they were eating dinner , so you just knew, huh?

hes talkin about 5, idiot.

He is 21 dumb ass. Look on his profile.

109- That comment was posted two years ago, he obviously wasn't 21 then.

If I could type it, I would snap my fingers. Oh wait. *snaps fingers* oh no she didn't!

I wouldn't be so upset at that.

HAH! this is not an fml. good for u they think ur hot nowww time for a gang bang! :D

You might be right. Google "college girl gangbanged chinese guys".

You should've responded in Chinese by saying, "Too bad I wouldn't feel your tiny Asian dicks!" Buhahahaha.

haha yes! the best thing to do in those situations is to join the conversation in the language they're speaking. alternately, if they're hot, get some chinese dickings. :9

good point... lol

Excellent response!

score.! more like it

Chinese is not a language. There are many different languages in China, the most popular bring mandarin and Cantonese, which she probably spoke.

Nobody cares

and the problem here is?....

lmfao number 10

If one of them was your friend y didn't he know u major in Chinese?

It says "Too bad none of his FRIENDS knew that." Learn to read.

Yes, but why would her friend let them continue if he knew she understood?

Because it's fun, duh, and there's no harm done.