By upsetandannoyed - 01/01/2012 05:41 - United States

Today, my friend set me up with a cute guy who is very germaphobic. So, I spent four hours cleaning my apartment. Two minutes into the date, I sneezed. He politely told me he wasn't feeling well and left. FML
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Agreed Rynk95. Dodged a bullet there OP - Just think if he's like that when you sneeze, well how is he going to be about kissingsex? Or other things such as eating at restaurants etc. Im rather curious as to how he reacts when he sneezes himself...

He punched himself in the nose then he has to clean that up too.

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Look on the bright side atleast your apartments clean now.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

69 - Perhaps that was her friend's plan all along.

You should've coughed up green slime and aimed for his eye. That'll teach him ;)

At least cleaning your apartment would be good too, since it took you 4 hours to clean up lol

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We gonna be sexist now?! There CAN be blind woman?! Besides, Blind woman are a lot more fun to push into oncoming traffic....

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Well that doesn't matter now.

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Damn, I didn't even read the FML properly. I always skip words :(

But whether you read it correctly or not, your right. It doesn't matter now

Now thats germaphobia to the extent of needing professional help.

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At least your place is clean now :) you probably wouldn't want him anyways if he's that "difficult".

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Next time you probably shouldn't go out with someone that high maintenance. They always can find something wrong. Way more better fish out in the sea OP. :)

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His loss OP, I bet you're a nice person :)

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Luckily you didn't fart. He may have needed an ambulance.

What happens when he sneezes? Or farts?

I think that bloke will remain single his whole life.