By Scarred4Life - 01/01/2012 06:18 - United States

Today, the last few seconds of my 2011 was spent staring at my drunk, naked uncle pouring olive oil over himself and rubbing it in. FML
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Was he in the living room or did you walk in a bedroom? And why were you staring, was it interesting?

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Well I kissed a beautiful girl(: looks like we both had a good time! Thumbs up if you had a good new year!

Jesus ****, the new god for the pornography religion: Pornism.

38, you know, hash tags don't work on here.

Well I guess you ******* had a bad night

lindseykcool 6

Well, OP, you didn't HAVE to watch.. :P

This would be from Maryland. Courtney, is that you? Haha. (I'm from MD too)

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Don't say Jesus and **** in the same sentance...

126- anyone can say anything that they want. You get no say in the matter. It's called free speech. Jesus **** Jesus **** Jesus ****. Jesus ass. Jesus dick.

Well, at least it's been a memorable year.

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Obviously OP is upset cuz the uncle was using up all the olive oil and there was none left for the salad. Learn to read between the lines, man!

ShroomsOnAcid 16

And at least her uncle is now buttery soft and 120% more huggable naked.

And that's a crazy first few seconds for 2012!

this might be the best comment i've ever seen on here?

Cleo_Nemo_ 9

Did olive the other relatives stare too?

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Orange you glad he didn't try to hug you?

Honziie 1

Are you imagining your drunk naked uncle with a Jew-fro dancing to this? Because that doesn't sound amazing...

The real FML here is that OP did not have the presence of mind to pit this on YouTube.


Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle

Better than my last few seconds of 2011..

And everyone sitting at home on facebook for the last few seconds, while hovering their mouse curser over the post button on a "Happy New Years!" status.

OR you just do it on your smartphone?

luckyd880 12

At least it's a new year so you can put the past behind you.

IKickPuppiesHard 16

It's hard to rub the oil in the middle of your back; did you help him out?