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By Username - 21/04/2011 18:30 - United States

Today, I came home to find that all my porn magazines had been "censored" with a black sharpie. FML
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that's for being an idiot and not using the internet for ****

All this **** talk... I know what I'm doing for the rest of the day ;D See y'all laterr


that's for being an idiot and not using the internet for ****

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ori0324 1

youporn fails... so many sites better than that. redtube is one of them

RainbowHeadache 2

I prefer Spankwire. So much better.

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ImaWiseGuy 5
Heather_x0x0 6

pornhub>redtube in my opinion...

TheDrifter 23

If you're gonna do it, go all out. Extremetube ftw.

All this **** talk... I know what I'm doing for the rest of the day ;D See y'all laterr

dirtyblond 4

Hahah oh my! ;O New sources, yay!

omg rainbow I'm a spankwire lover myself :o

Tubegalore has everything, from mummy **** to 88 j***** themed videos. You dont want to miss out on that.

No worries!!! You migrated south, and are therefore no longer jelly!!!

johnnybagodonuts 2

36 is right, is one of the best pornhub used to be good but now it sucks, I think it's a pay site

Women actually watch ****?? That's dumbbb! Girls can get laid so easily lol just come see me I'll help you out (;

This guy must be old to still be using magazines to get the job done.

RainbowHeadache 2

72 you have good taste in ****, Madame.

Richard16 0

aha i never thought girls really watched ****

RainbowHeadache 2
Richard16 0

aha i never thought girls really watched ****

RainbowHeadache 2

People also say there are no girls on the Internet but do you believe that? :D


the makers of FML are probably pissed for all this free advertising, it's so awesome


on Pornhub you don't have to get a membership, all u have to do is search the name of the video u want to watch that needs a membership and u just click on it and it says play video :)


oh and if the name of the video is too long u can just put part of it

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xnxx is beast anyone know any better sites?

POPO28_fml 0

xnxx is beast anyone know any better sites?

ShadyFTW1 0

Spankwire and Pornhub for the win. Me and my girlfriend look that crap up for ideas xD

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The best though is xhamster check it out and thank me later :)

MegamiKaosu 28

I'm a chik and I watch xnxx ;3

perdix 29

Youporn works great for me.

If girls say they don't watch **** or **********, they are lying.

everybody luvs to jack off :) pornhub ftw

I thought this^ was Kurt Cobain commenting... lol

Ummmm, ya not all girls watch ****. just the f*cked up ones.

AwesomeAsFcuk 0

2 Girls 1 Cup and 1 man 1 jar are better.

I'm gonna add this post to my favs just for all the **** sites you guys mentioned, thank you. Ps. i hope these comments wont get moderated.

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I concur. I believe it's the other way around fairygirl. Sex is a natural thing, and masturbation is healthy. I prefer youporn, only because it's the easiest to watch from my phone. Hardcore ;)

179 - Just because a girl watches **** doesn't make them "****** up." It's a personal choice. Once you start to go through puberty and you get horny and watch ****, you'll thank all of these people later.

pablothepenguin 2

eew. WTF is wrong with society?! wow this is the future.....? FOL

BTW, if I were to try most of these advised sites, I'd probably be to weak and tired by morning to even lift my arm. Don't know about my hand, though ;)

203-- It's been like this. Are you roommates with Patrick because you must live under a rock.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Lollll 69 comments? Oops not anymore (:

Heather_x0x0 6

I agree with 167. if a girl says she doesn't like to ********** and or watch ****, either they've never done it or they are lying!

johnnybagodonuts 2

lol @ 179 - it's ok, you're only 15. you'll learn eventually

Personally i think lemonparty. org has the best ****.

hahaha 223 dirtiest picture out! oh I wonder how many 12 year olds are gonna get busted watching **** after this thread. poor mothers all over the world are goin to hear a strange thwap thwap sound comin from there little angels rooms

kathii01 20

you were born in 96' wait to grow up a bit before judging real women

bbedlock_fml 7

You know guys, if you have a bit of an addiction to ****, there's a website that helps: check it out at

anakaren_831 1 works on iPods too:)

lmao, wonder how many ppl watched **** after reading the thread ;P

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of course they do. I'm saving myself till marriage and think sex b4 marriage is wrong, but I still watch it. it human

gigglezbabii22 2

#167 that's not true I'm a 20 year old female and I neither ********** nor watch ****. I have a fiance and I'd rather have actual sex then **********. He's the same way. :p

did anyone else get really turned on by all the **** site references made by the ladies??

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dont be dissin playboy, your gonna be the sorry one next time the internet fails you

more entertaining than a basket of puppies. well, almost, puppies are pretty damn adorable. great comments nonetheless...

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who still looks at **** magazines?!

scotty122 0

exactly what I was thinking :)

ohyess909 0

Exactly! Who has **** mags now? YDI for still living with your Mum lol

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Dynoblaze 1

pornhub will give you viruses unless your anti virus is up to date. filetube redtube are better.

mexicutioner123 0

I like pornhub but if u want to get dirty you should go to xvideos

I feel like your Quagmire from that one episode of Family Guy when he just figures out about internet **** o.o

Snookie123Babe 0

hells yeah! that's the best!

dinocizmic 0

horny pharaoh is the best lol

dinocizmic 0

hey cutie:) you wanna video chat sometime?

dinocizmic 0

hey cutie:) I'm two days older than you lol you wanna video chat sometime?:D

dinocizmic 0

hey cutie:) you wanna video chat?

no, he's already an idiot for having/looking at ****

starreyes988 0

i know what I'm doing the rest of today...

pornhub is awesome lol and I can download vids on my itouch

did you just give a **** recommendation?

ImaWiseGuy 5

I guess now would be a good time to invest in a online membership and a bottle of lube...

Who needs memberships when you can go on free sites x)

ImaWiseGuy 5

ahh, you do make a excellent point, i mean who wants to pay monthly charges just to beat your meat like it owes you money....^^

enonymous 8

Wait they have ****??? on the Internet? I thought the internet was for nerds and geeks! (3 days later quagmire comes out for mail with 1 real buff arm)

johnnybagodonuts 2

lol 42, that episode was great

tiffanylovexoxo 0
ori0324 1

go find a chick to actually have sex with as opposed to ur hand

Way agreed! There are more women than men in the world. That means there are a lot of lonely desperate women. If you're that desperate get out of the house and find some of them.

Alicia17C 2

who says he's desperate for looking at ****?

You can't pull a girl out from under your bed whenever you want though >.<

QueenOfBoredom 0

that's what she said *sigh* sorry I had to say it

I'm not going to sit here saying "I'm right I'm right" when you all have very valid points. But there is something to be said for using imagination. It doesn't cost anything, doesn't give you viruses, and no one can check your brains history.

MegamiKaosu 28

i have a fiancé and we watch **** together o.o

132- Wish I could take your comment into consideration but because all you did was insult me instead of giving an opinion I can't. Sorry :)

45 yeah but a lot of those desperate girls are ugly. gotta have standards.

Hey ugly girls need love too! They just have to pay!!

Who says OP's a guy? Plenty of girls look at ****.

stormer461 13

156 are you saying that sex doesn't give you viruses? If only.

288- No, I'm saying using your imagination doesn't give you viruses. If you reread that post you'll probably see that :)

agree with citrusgirl. cant get herpes in your imagination. well, you can if you imagine them, but thats where they stay...

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it's called the Internet. you know about it from sites like "" :P

Jvr91 8

right,that's the first thing I was the hell op gonna not use the Internet for **** and complain about it on the Internet

lmaoatall 6

aaaww oh no! somebody drew Ricki Ricardo stashes on all my ladies! sorry op, this ones funny. atleast to me that is!

lmaoatall 6

I don't have an answer to ops problem, just a reply

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