By Hana - 23/03/2012 07:39 - Canada - York

Today, I went to the movies with my boyfriend, and ended up sitting next to this girl who wouldn't stop sneezing. Grossed out, I asked my boyfriend if we could switch seats. After doing so, the girl immediately stopped sneezing and started flirting with him. FML
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Well if he was a good boyfriend, he would've told her to shut up and watch the movie.


how exactly does someone flirt at the movies? you're supposed to be quiet so I don't get it

Something similar happened to me, a guy stole my girlfriend in a movie theatre by using a Jedi mind trick on her. I guess I wouldn't have wanted that weak-minded bitch anyway...

haha 22 you serious brah? it's not like a golden rule to not talk in a theater, it's just courtesy. that doesn't stop all the loud douchebags from goofin around, or your pestering relative to keep asking what's happening in the next scene, though...

Ur an idiot go play with some marbles in the freeway and stop waisting fresh air!

I wonder if the movie was hunger games.

So someone is grossing you out by sneezing and then you just make your boyfriend suffer through it? If it bothers you that much then move far away from her (both of you). If you can't, watch the movie at another time or just deal with it, cause well, people sneeze.

Was he flirting back.. If not then that's a good sign if he was then he doesn't deserve u anyways

25- u should post that as a fml

1, perfect first comment/picture too funny!

That girl is a bitch, you should have slapped her!

Flirting doesn't always have to be verbal. Simple stroking his arm is one way to do it

That was her plan all along!!

Really??? I had no idea....

Thats some selfish shit for what you did.

That girl was probably just allergic to the OP

You don't say?

well no shit sherlock

Your comments are funny

Beware the She-Devil, for she is the harbinger of doom. Indeed, she will kill her sister to possess her sister's boyfriend. Shun her and drive her away, back to her jungle lair, for she will make a desert of her house and yours.

28- Planet of the trifling hoes?

Something tells me that You went through this before, Commando. How should we kill the She-devil?

With McDonald's, brother. That shit will kill anything.

Someone's allergic to competition!

Nah she's just a sleaze with a sneeze

I see what you did there.

Yes, teejay. We all fucking saw what he did there.

Looks like you're gonna have to choke a bitch.

Thats quite smart actually

How much you want to bet it was The Hunger Games? (:

Well if he was a good boyfriend, he would've told her to shut up and watch the movie.

If she was a good girlfriend, she wouldn't have made her boyfriend suffer because she had a bad spot. Seriously. It's either you being annoyed or your boyfriend, and you happened to have a bad seat. Get over it.

Would yah look at that !

Now that is crafty, I must say. Were you wearing too much perfume? So...was she cute?

it doesn't matter how much perfume she was wearing because it was fake all along. It was an attempt to get to OP's boyfriend.

Or op bathed in perfume and the girl would have been hitting on her man all along if she could breathe.

Sorry OP, Bitches be crazy

Overgrown Pterodactyl

What they keep saying in gangnam style.