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Today, my friend set me up on a blind date, to get my mind off having been recently broken up with. The guy was perfect: tall, muscular, handsome. But while we were watching a movie, I saw him dig around in his nose, then wipe his finger on my pants. FML
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And that is when you decide to get a refill on popcorn and never come back

Oh, so that's something you're not supposed to do on a first date? That explains everything...


And that is when you decide to get a refill on popcorn and never come back

cooterpie 11

Should have did it back to him.

That would be pretty rude. Just because he's gross doesn't mean he's a bad person.

CharresBarkrey 15

5 - Isn't wiping your mucous on someone's clothing pretty rude as well?

2- Actually forget that. Just dump the popcorn you already have on his lap. That so gross!

coolboy675 16

Just because you are bad guy doesn't mean you are *bad* guy

17, you're right. But saying you'll be right back and not actually coming back is far more rude.

akg98 13

36-- i got it!! It was a wreck it ralph referance :D

Satoaoi 13

Would you want someone wiping the contents of HIS nose on YOUR clothing? That's just disgusting and rude.

#5- I don't want to know what specifies as 'rude' to you. Eurgh. I hope OP ran for the hills!

I guess if I were to rephrase my comment, I would say 'more rude'. Wiping your snot on someone is pretty damn rude.

imavelociraptor 6

"thanks satan" "it's SA-ten"

With this booger I claim you OP mine!!!!

He's obviosly thinking about your future together... I mean digging for gold and all.

TheRandomIndian 17

Nothing says "I love you" like a booger

Look at the wiped booger under a microscope OP. There might be a tiny love message on it for you.

6 - This is probably one of the worst comments I have ever read.

It sucks, but I've seen much worse. It's mostly when the poster tries wayyyy too hard to be funny by using some ambiguous, esoteric reference.

88 - I've actually been here quite a while... This comment still impressed me... Smh

Pretend to scratch your ass and wipe it on his face

Dblocker 18

There's always a chance he might get turned on though.

coolboy675 16

And while you're at it OP, offer him some chocolate covered pretzels he can't refuse.

oj101 33

A true lady would never do that. She would get up, excuse herself to the powder room, and never come back.

51: a true gentleman would never pick his nose an wipe it on his date. Shit at least wipe it on the seat or something.

fleeper 13

#62- that's hilarious but a 'gentlemen' doesn't pick his own nose in public and on a date no less!

Oh, so that's something you're not supposed to do on a first date? That explains everything...

cooterpie 11

He was just marking you as his. Everyone knows that's what boogies are for.

coolboy675 16

Well doesn't just give a new meaning to," Time to boogie!"...

68, at least have the decency to copy a comment as your own separate comment...

Watch out, he could be the same FML guy who pisses on girls legs in the shower to mark them...

TheRandomIndian 17

Maybe if OP was a booger, he would pick her first, but since she's not a booger, he wiped the first booger he picked on her

I didn't know people observed boogers close enough (or at all) to determine that o.O

It's a very rare study only few are qualified for

Never said he was a bad person, but he needs to learn some manners if he wants to keep a date. Edit: whoops this was supposed to go to #5 after my first comment