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I don't know about you or OP, but if I saw someone pick their nose and wipe it under their desk or on the wall, I'd fucking say something. Since he ate his own nasty nose gold I wouldn't feel the need to say something to him at all, but once he started sticking it around the work place there'd be no way I could keep my mouth shut. Keep an eye on him OP and do not, I repeat do not, shake hands with him. Ever.


#36 but you'd still have to sit through class and you'd learn nothing. So an hour of your life wasted and then you would fail you class :).


I've never understood why people lose their appetite over a statement. I've watched CSI autopsies while eating spaghetti… maybe I'm just a budding serial killer. 0_o

I'm so sorry you had to witness that. Just thinking about it gives me chills. The only time I've ever seen that really happen is with kids

You'd think you were working in a kindergarden, but hey, they say you revert to your child form as you age!

Hey times are tough, no time for work breaks! Although if I was his coworker I'd boogey on out of there!

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