By Anonymous - United States
Today, I finally convinced my son to use the potty. Later, he saw a show on TV about a toilet monster. Now he's too scared to even step foot into the bathroom. Here's to another few months of diaper changes. FML
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  ipwnallmen  |  10

now you got me wanting to see that Oo though OP tell him if theres a monster in the toilet its a guardian against evil!! whoo! teenage mutantg ninja toilet!! :D

  flashback.miss  |  28

lol I love it when an ass tells the OP to do something when they probably wouldnt do it themselves!! I think #9 is actually only 9.....maybe :D Op just lol welcome to parenthood now use the toilet yourself to prove to your son theres no boogeyman in the toilet... the tentacle monster in closets, dark alleys, and under the bed are a different story. yes im serious, ive seen strange crap.

  vivalacobraxo  |  0

45 since there only two turning them around doesn't help there legs aren't long enough and there isn't enough time to do that with 18 two year olds. good idea though

  cc1992  |  11

This happened to me too! I said "good one" to somebody and made my own harmless comment and now it's disappeared :/ How weird and annoying!