By parkinglotslayer - United States
Today, my family and I were parking downtown when my sister yelled to watch out for a man approaching our car. I see him pull something from his pocket. I yell "It's a knife, don't roll down the window!" It was a pen, he was the parking attendant and the window was already rolled down. FML
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By  C_Wicked27  |  0

And let me guess, you guys were about to floor it to your gated community after all that, weren't you? I know that according to the news, the amount of people randomly murdering other people has dramatically risen in recent years, but that isn't true. In fact, violent crime has dropped pretty substantially across the country in most cases. On the other hand though, media coverage of violent crime in recent years has skyrocketed.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is.... STOP BEING SO FUCKING PARANOID.

By  ASUdec  |  0

When I see strange people walk up to the car I always roll down the window. Then I hand them the keys to the car and get out. That is the smart thing to do just like assuming someone is going to knife you through the window.

By  Anonymous409  |  0

Hey #7 I don't give a shit if you like it or you don't. You shouldn't put yourself before the people. This is a majority vote. I liked it and I said "YES", so go suck a fat one. No, JK, JK. RAPE!