By Anonymous - 02/12/2011 06:15 - United States

Today, I saw my dad for the first time in ten years. He was stealing my car. FML
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Call the cops.

Nothing like family.


Call the cops.

Of course it's in Texas. Where else?

But if you wait to call it could be more fun.

yes, because Texas is more susceptible to crime than Los Angles, Detroit and any other big city . that was sarcasm in case you didn't sense it . crime is everywhere, where are you from, Disney land ?

One of a kind family reunion!!!

14 - yes and Texas is also a big city...

14 - yes, because Texas is a big city..

6 & 26 - wow, ignorant much?

no way. i thought texas was a state. but what do i know.

26 was pointing out that comparing Texas to Detroit and LA is odd

That's not needed, his dad was just borrowing his car without telling him

6 I'm interested to know the basis of that profoundly ignorant statement, why would Texas be the obvious place for this to happen?

14 - Even Disneyland has it's fair share of crime...

Yes, to everyone commenting on my comment, it was sarcasm. I was in fact pointing out that you should compare Texas to LA or Detroit because IT IS a state.

6- there are 49 other states plus all the other places in the world where people own cars..... So yea that's where else

Ur a dumb ass

TheIsland - I understood it before he explained it. Just because some people don't understand sarcasm doesn't mean that the sarcasm is bad.

maybe ur just not smart enough to figure it out

FYL what a way to reunite!

Like when ricky bobby's dad showed up for career day on taladega nights "if your not first your last!"

Hey beggars can't be choosers.

Did he ground u after u called the cops?

Nothing like family.

You just can't get enough of them.

As thick as thieves

Haha so true

That's not the best way to have contact with your father I guess, thought things weren't good between me and my father, but it doesn't seem that bad now..

I feel like you're not really telling us everything..

7 what more could be told?

Perhaps, a guy is trying to steal your car, you stop him and it's somehow revealed maybe thru a mum that he's your father?

how ironic ... this sounds like a good plot to a novel . OP: " that you??" OPs dad: "uh no" OP: "yes huh!! what's up dad?" OPs dad: "shut the fuck up, I'm stealin' your car son." OP: sad face ! ?

Sounds like a shitty novel.

That wasn't a plot, that was just horribly-written dialogue. Good luck on your novel.

Good luck getting Oprah to accept that.

Umm yeah... I don't see the irony

10 where is OP's gender specified?

What are you, 10? That was the worst "novel" I've ever heard!

Still a better story than twilight

He just wanted an excuse to start a conversation with you duhh

Stealing a car is the best way to say I love you. Didn't you know that? Fyl.

Call the cops and 10 minutes later they will haul his ass off.

Awkward family reunion