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  uprising_fml  |  0

yes, because Texas is more susceptible to crime than Los Angles, Detroit and any other big city . that was sarcasm in case you didn't sense it . crime is everywhere, where are you from, Disney land ?

  KK3137  |  31

Yes, to everyone commenting on my comment, it was sarcasm. I was in fact pointing out that you should compare Texas to LA or Detroit because IT IS a state.

By  Mijn  |  2

That's not the best way to have contact with your father I guess, thought things weren't good between me and my father, but it doesn't seem that bad now..

By  uprising_fml  |  0

how ironic ...
this sounds like a good plot to a novel .
OP: " that you??"
OPs dad: "uh no"
OP: "yes huh!! what's up dad?"
OPs dad: "shut the fuck up, I'm stealin' your car son."
OP: sad face ! ?