By Anonymous - 02/12/2011 06:15 - United States

Today, I saw my dad for the first time in ten years. He was stealing my car. FML
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But if you wait to call it could be more fun.

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yes, because Texas is more susceptible to crime than Los Angles, Detroit and any other big city . that was sarcasm in case you didn't sense it . crime is everywhere, where are you from, Disney land ?

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One of a kind family reunion!!!

14 - yes and Texas is also a big city...

14 - yes, because Texas is a big city..

SandyyBabyy 6

no way. i thought texas was a state. but what do i know.

26 was pointing out that comparing Texas to Detroit and LA is odd

That's not needed, his dad was just borrowing his car without telling him

6 I'm interested to know the basis of that profoundly ignorant statement, why would Texas be the obvious place for this to happen?

rainbowbigbird 7

14 - Even Disneyland has it's fair share of crime...

Yes, to everyone commenting on my comment, it was sarcasm. I was in fact pointing out that you should compare Texas to LA or Detroit because IT IS a state.

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6- there are 49 other states plus all the other places in the world where people own cars..... So yea that's where else

TheIsland - I understood it before he explained it. Just because some people don't understand sarcasm doesn't mean that the sarcasm is bad.

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maybe ur just not smart enough to figure it out

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Like when ricky bobby's dad showed up for career day on taladega nights "if your not first your last!"

Mijn 2

That's not the best way to have contact with your father I guess, thought things weren't good between me and my father, but it doesn't seem that bad now..

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I feel like you're not really telling us everything..

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Perhaps, a guy is trying to steal your car, you stop him and it's somehow revealed maybe thru a mum that he's your father?

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how ironic ... this sounds like a good plot to a novel . OP: " that you??" OPs dad: "uh no" OP: "yes huh!! what's up dad?" OPs dad: "shut the **** up, I'm stealin' your car son." OP: sad face ! ?

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That wasn't a plot, that was just horribly-written dialogue. Good luck on your novel.

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Good luck getting Oprah to accept that.

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Umm yeah... I don't see the irony

What are you, 10? That was the worst "novel" I've ever heard!

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He just wanted an excuse to start a conversation with you duhh

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Stealing a car is the best way to say I love you. Didn't you know that? Fyl.

Call the cops and 10 minutes later they will haul his ass off.

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