By jordeshting - 22/06/2011 15:28 - United Kingdom

Today, I complimented a girl on her stockings pattern. Turns out she wasn't wearing stockings. FML
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iAmScrubs 19

Your stockings pattern is quite intriguing young lassie.


what if it was a tattoo but op left that out to make for an interesting FML, i don't see how somebody could look like there wearing stockings and them not be..

imacreeper 3

*Stephanie Tanner voice* how rude!

AbuelaGrande 0

Oh boys in my pueblo say I have manly legs but when I go to a salon they put my feet in a big sink and then they scrub my feet and take all of the things out and then they massage it and the feeling is so rico Ay Ay Ay pero me gusta mucho! Es un sensasion muy rico.

AbuelaGrande, you're not funny. That's the reason why your comments keep getting buried. Stop, please.

Trolls don't usaually listen to reason, bud. :|

AbuelaGrande 0

90 eres un mama webo, una puta, y un mariquon pero coño!

mduffy08 8

troll - 1. mythological creature usually found in fables. 2. a mother f**king ****** who comments with the complete intention of pissing somebody off.

80: hahaha this made me laugh, and love your shirt!

alsnyder12 0

WTF how does that even happen?!?

nikkiruth94 8

Haha your comment made me laugh!(:

iAmScrubs 19

Your stockings pattern is quite intriguing young lassie.

Personally, if a man said that to me, I'd marry him on the spot.

wondabitch 0
everybodyluvsMEN 0

whyd ya change your picture back?

garrettsgirl 0

Win here, win there, win win everywhere.

95: Schmoyo reference FTW! (winning song)

iAmScrubs 19

113- I'm just going to laugh at your stupidity. Why bring basketball into FML? I didn't come here to give a lecture on how the injury riddled blazers managed to put up one of the best performances against the Mavericks this postseason.

blazers are possibly getting Tony Parker and going all the way next year

shortie916 0

Maybe she has chicken skin????

i can only think of like, burn victim. bite marks haha. this is one of the only fml's that ever really made me crack up.

hopper5101 11

she could have spider veins...

notsocrazee 0

freaky tan line maybe? just say "I like the way your skin looks all trippy!" problem solved.

ImmortalKratos 0

could be pimple scars or somethin on her legs that made it look like she had polka dots

missL1z 5

How can you not see the difference? That's very embarrassing for a girl!

Her legs were cosmetically designed that way so its okay

that's creepy..... I don't even want to know