By terdberglerforlyfe - 07/12/2014 20:54 - Brazil - Mogi Das Cruzes

Today, my sister turned the volume on my phone way up and changed the ringtone to a woman's blood-curdling scream. I found this out when she called my phone at 2am as I slept next to it. I pissed my pants and fell out of bed screaming in terror. I'll never hear the end of this. FML
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Top comments least you didn't have a heart attack or something

Comments least you didn't have a heart attack or something

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And at least it wasn't in public.

Ok you guys shouldn't continue making FML's seem better than they really are, was their any thought of heart attack or publicity? No. Then why are you talking of it to make the FML seem better than it is worse. He was scared out of his life! And potentially embarrassed for the rest of his life cause of his sister. Stop making this bulls*it on FML's and making worse scenarios. It's like saying that some dog was run over then someone commentating that it at least wasn't you that was run over, there is zero link to it. Seriously people stop this idiocy.

@29 If you had a shit time, wouldn't you want someone to make it better? I would.

Its called looking at the bright side, asshat (aka 29). Try it some time!

29- Seems like FML isn't the right place for you. Move along now. You won't be missed.

Holy shit that is the funniest prank ever. But yeah, it's good that your heart didn't explode

Sister-1 OP-0 That was a very well thought out prank. It's something I definitely may have to try as well.

Set the ringtone for when her parents call to something inappropriate like **** (like an audio recording). And then play the waiting game.. *presses hands together and contemplates*

or just doing what op's sister did back to her.. when she will be least expecting it.. n ya obviously video tapping it.

If op and their sister live with their parents, I recommend ordering a ***** off amazon in her name.

Tape scary-ass hair extentions to her ceiling while she sleeps then call HER at 2am. Let the war begin.

they sell ass hair extensions now? damn

they're made out of 100% authentic ass hair too

that's so sad!! I'd never be able to sleep normal again! revenge time

Maybe she was getting remember on OP, for a long going prank war between the two siblings. I know my siblings and I did this a lot, but made it seem like we had done nothing wrong.

Fight this war fairly and bravely and may your pants stay dry. I recomend those little bang snaps(the ones that sell around the 4th of July that you throw and they pop) to the bottom of the toilet seat and setting to down gently. Guaranteed to scare the shit out of her

Here's hoping she's the next one to sit..

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Totally stealing this for my youngest sister next time she tries something. Problem is, there are 3 toilets to do this to....

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Put her phone in her laundry basket and put a ringtone that says, "I am watching you!" ring it just enough for her to hear it but not for her to be able to locate it easily.

This is how pranking wars start. Get her back, but when she least expects it.