By knevs - 22/06/2011 20:05 - United States

Today, my mom sold our electronic stuff to pay for hurricane shutters. We live in Chicago. FML
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Did she sell the car for gas money too?

Gotta watch those winds coming off of Lake Michigan....


fyl! that sucks :/ but look at it this way if there ever is a hurricane you'll be protected :(

xlostwithoutu 0

And with no electronics, how are you posting this, OP? xD

^ good point! :)


15 pointed out that this is probably fake, but he could be at a friends or something

well who knows..anything can happen I guess

xlostwithoutu 0

How are you posting this then, OP? lol

they could borrow another persons cell to write this fml.. :/

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OP: Then how are you posting this?

clearly she's preparing for 2012 when everyone turns into zombies

theten_fml 9

Pick your patents carefully!

that's so pointless though I don't believe this Fml!!

Removing electronics from your life can be a rewarding experience. Granted you may be a little more bored than usual, sooner or later you'll realize how dependent you were on them and life isn't so bad without them. Find out new things about you, think about everything that's going on in your life. Take advantage of a situation that isn't in your favor and make it a positive and rewarding one! Be thankful that your mother was thinking about your familys safety as well!

then how are you posting this!!!???

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better to be safe than sorry!!!(:

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do they work against tornados? they are near tornado alley.

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yeah they are close to tornado alley but not too close. but anything is possible. i heard there was a tornado in Boston, MASS.

Sliim_Shaady 6

WTF?? Get a life fag.

150- Springfeild...not boston...didnt touch most of the state

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Lol all those negative votes show how reliant we are on electronics

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

Shut the fuck up, 121.

Your mom's an idiot OP. FYL.

She's preparing for 2012. Smart lady for a mother OP. I'm stockpiling food, ammo and water.

Maybe she just believes in the motto "you can never be too prepared. "

The world isn't ending in 2012. They always say the world is gonna here and there, but it's all loads of shit.

iJasper 8

It won't end in 2012, It's a mytg, and they say that because the Chinese( I think ) Calender Ends on December 22, 2012.

the Mayan calendar.

WeezyFreak 0

Mayan calendar not Chinese.

Mayan calendar. And it's December 21, 2012.

hahahahha!! chinese calendar???? bahahahahahahah

Gotta watch those winds coming off of Lake Michigan....

3 ur pic made me laugh :P

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but how could OP post this without electronics?

and how come the location next to op's name says Illinois?

because Chicago is in Illinois

ThEsAlAdMuNcHeR 0

haha ikr all week it's been on and off vise versa over and over and over again

144 is a perfect example of idiocy. Though to be honest hardly anyone knows Illinois, they only know Chicago. A bit saddening, isn't it? They don't know Peoria or Evanston or a bunch of other places that also exist in Illinois.

ohhh ya :p I forget

koolkat27 13

#198 thats like forgetting new york city is in new york. idiot

Did she sell the car for gas money too?

then she sold the money

for cloud insurance?

sematariux 7

for volcano insurance

KennKenn 0

84 - I was gonna write that :(

A7X_LoVeee 10

No you weren't.

she shouldve gotten volcano insurance while shes at it

alexarseniy 1

lmao #5

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but there are no volcanos in Chicago! well don't you think we are overdue for one? touché salesman....

cloud insurance imo

96- There aren't any hurricanes either.

Sell the hurricane shutters and get them back?

hidingmaster 2

Wow! You're a genius!

I don't think there is much of a market in hurricane shutters.

Is she related to Peter Griffin by any chance?

Not even Peter Griffin is dumb enough to do that.

ReptarRAWR23 0

ummm I believe he would! lol he's awesome but a retard.

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Peter griffin bought volcano insurance with lois's money in one of the episodes

Uhm no, no he didn't

randomburger 7

yes he did, the episode was called When You Wish Upon a Weinstein

it was cloud insurance

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He got both

polishboy168 0

he was stupid enough to buy volcano insurance. in quahog.

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he already had the cloud insurance he had it before the episode, he buys volcano insurance

13- peter would totally do that.. and he did buy volcano insurance dumb butt :D it was just a paper that had volcano insurance written all over it hahaha :D i just watched the re-run the other day

No he had been talked out of buying cloud insurance by lois

MarkGoldstein 0

no way it's real. if it is, have your mom committed.

At least you now live in of the best-protected houses against hurricanes in Chicago. That's gotta count for something.

iAmScrubs 19

She thinks that "the windy city" is implying that there will be hurricanes I am guessing.

Shouldn't that be tornadoes?

Wouldn't hurricane shutters work for tornadoes as well?