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  Juliaa15  |  6

Removing electronics from your life can be a rewarding experience. Granted you may be a little more bored than usual, sooner or later you'll realize how dependent you were on them and life isn't so bad without them. Find out new things about you, think about everything that's going on in your life. Take advantage of a situation that isn't in your favor and make it a positive and rewarding one! Be thankful that your mother was thinking about your familys safety as well!

  Complaining  |  13

144 is a perfect example of idiocy. Though to be honest hardly anyone knows Illinois, they only know Chicago. A bit saddening, isn't it? They don't know Peoria or Evanston or a bunch of other places that also exist in Illinois.

  jflore05  |  0

peter would totally do that.. and he did buy volcano insurance dumb butt :D it was just a paper that had volcano insurance written all over it hahaha :D i just watched the re-run the other day