By lifebecrazed
Today, an elderly gentleman came into my store complaining of a toothache, so I showed him where the Orajel was located. He then insisted on making a big scene, claiming that I really had the magic touch and if I would just stroke his cheek all his pain would go away. FML
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I agree with 32, don't encourage him. Last time I was especially nice to an old person, he held me up in Waffle House for an hour performing a penny "trick" where he would put it in my hand then snatch it out really quickly. Then he started talking about his deceased wife and things got really awkward....

  kingsian  |  15

No it's not. What's wrong is the fact everybody and they mama have to thumb me down because a joke I tried to make. She said she has the magic touch so I said she can touch my cheek too.