By cestquoicebordel?? - 14/08/2012 22:50 - France

Today, my fiancée showed me her wedding plans. It will be themed on one of her video games, the best man will be dressed as an alien warlord, and the vows talk about how we'll beat the odds and be blessed by the "Goddess Kalahira". Apparently, I have no say in this. FML
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Fishinaddict22 1

Steal your balls back and say no?

Fishinaddict22 1

My apologies, that was supposed to be a response to OP, not 1's post.

#1, absolutely fantastic. FML can create a whole new section for wedding photos like these!

OMG, thats so dumb! the best man should be a wizard, not an alien. and if you rely on the godess kalahira then your marriage will fall apart, just like zorlon and chea. GEEK POWER! lol, jk... or am I..? ;-)

OP should be happy and stop complaining. I mean, billions of men would marry his fiancée in a heartbeat.

Wow it's your wedding too. Tell her that kinda bull is gunna give your grandma a heart attack

starman02 12

Your fiancé is awesome. Any gamer would LOVE to snatch her up.

Mister_Triangle 21

Let's flip the tables and say that OP is a girl and her fiancé is planning the wedding as NASCAR-themed. The priest will be Danica Patrick and everyone had to wear leather jackets covered in endorsements. Is this still okay? Not to anybody but the most die-hard NASCAR fan. This is the type of thing that needs to be agreed upon by both parties.

Rule 1 of marriage: happy wife=happy life. Learn it Practice it Live by it Or suffer a horrible painful death.

99 - Just men? Guess I'm getting a sex change. I call dibs on OP's fiancée!

Mass effect themed wedding is genious.

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the_anti_hipster 7

Literally, since apparently OP has no say in it. Let her have her fun...the honeymoon is worth it ;)

Damn. I was almost first to comment. Boo hoo.

Psych101 9

Yeah, I am seeing some interesting role playing in OP's future.

I would like to know who has the power to erase things from this board after someone posts something? FML gods show yourselves.

Yup 31, Op will be Commander Shepard and she will be Liara.

Start running! No, seriously though, if you really love this chick and want to marry her, you need to have a long talk with her and tell her that this is your wedding as much as hers and you would appreciate it if she would respect your ideas for the ceremony. Oh yea, and take your BALLS BACK from her while your at it! ******* pussy!

MyChemicalSmosh 4

#142 girl, put your boobs away before you knock someone out.

ElhonnaDS 10

If she wants them to talk about Kalahira, she actually wants him to be Thane, which would make her Shepard. @OP- If you are not aware, the faux religion she's mimicking is the one frog-lizard alien guy who is one of the love interests in the Mass Effect series. It's unique to that character, and doesn't come up anywhere else in the game. Her wanting that specific thing in the ceremony might indicate she's using you wedding to indulge in this fantasy relationship from the game. I'm not sure how healthy that is. It would be the equivalent of you asking her to speak in an accent or cut and dye her hair like a particular actress you thought was hot for the wedding. If you're comfortable with that, then OK, but if my fiancee wanted to fantasize about marrying someone else and changed the wedding to help accommodate that, I'd be a little leery.

BubbleGrunge 18

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Psych101 9

And we all know that the man doesn't have any say in the wedding anyways.

Usually this would be the other way around.

I have no idea what game that is, but I'd go along with it. Sounds like a blast.

I'm commander Shepard and this is my favorite fml on

Knessler 1

That is a pretty obscure reference. Good catch #30.

76- I've never played mass effect, but I know a little about it. From what I know it's a pretty popular game, so how is it obscure??

The Kalahira reference is only heard maybe a few times if not only once in the entire series and only in small conversation.

Oh he did, but it was after sex when he zoned out while she was blabbing about it.

invivoful 10

Actually I believe it's 'hold the line!'

Thanatos_God3 2

I'm almost tearing up at the fact that I got to this FML too late to be part of the first batch of commenters. :'I But hold the line indeed!

I gotta say, but that's just plain awesome.

Grow a pair and stick up for yourself. Its your wedding too!

Sounds fun but extremely strange at the same time...

CallMeMcFeelii 13

That's kind of what I was thinking. It could be fun but imagine this 20 years down the road. They'll think of their wedding as an out dated video game. At least do a classic like Mario or even better yet Mortal Kombat. Instead of "I do" it'll be "Fatality" "Finish him". Haha..

Silent_Thrill 17

GET OVER HERE... and you may now kiss the bride.

osf777 2

If you don't marry her, I will.