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Today, I was watching TV with my boyfriend, when a World of Warcraft commercial came on. He turned to me and said, "Yeah, I'd choose the Horde over you any day." FML
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That would just make her sound like a whorde, my friend.


Hey world of Warcraft is a very enjoyable part of a lot of peoples lives, maybe he enjoys it more than his girlfriend and does in fact have his priorities right.

Then you should have spelled something wrong. The Grammar Nazis would have been all over that.

GovernorGeneral 8

Yepp. Warcraft comes before anything. Before gf, family, chores, social life, sleep, bf, etc.

I would NEVER choose the Horde over my girlfriend... I'd choose the Alliance :)

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59- Some of those things don't exist if they have your mentality. Like a girlfriend or a social life. If you actually ate willing the put the game AHEAD of them.

BarDownDaily 12

**** my autocorrect, just bury these comments.

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I thought 59 was being sarcastic, o_O ?? In fact it took me a moment to realize that it may not have been and now I just don't know xD

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I started playing WoW (for the Alliance!) BECAUSE of my bf and we play together all the time or even just chat when we are off doing our own thing but bedroom/alone time ALWAYS comes before Wow time.

I wasn't saying that I necessarily agree with some people placing wow above other aspects of their life I was just saying that in a lot of cases people place it above all else! I for one used to place wow above a lot of things but my priorities changed and I stopped playing.

It's good to hear from wow fan who seemingly has a good balance of fantasy and reality

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Sadly, this sounds like how my husband used to be... Even though we would play together, he was obsessed whereas I was a more casual player. Thankfully, things have changed since then.

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i agree WoW is better than any person

ThecomingofTan 9

Not now, 19. Her day will come.

Airman1988 9

WoW creates pathetic people that spend all damn day in front of a computer screen. Live your damn lives people, we have a beautiful REAL world out there to explore. And people wonder why so many Americans get fat, not hard to figure out how massive amounts of junk food, and sedentary lazy lifestyles in front of a screen cause that.

Actually, you can meet pretty cool people on the internet and games like that. There are quite a few who do have their lives figured out and play in their spare time.

ThecomingofTan 9

36- Hey man, that's not cool. I used to play WoW and the only reason I started to gain weight was because I would buy Frosty's from Wendy's and rub them all over my nipples and touch myself to Lady Gaga lyrics.

Airman1988 9

Sorry I just know too many people that have let that game quite literally consume their lives, way more like that than people that play in moderation. So perhaps my opinion is tainted but I still say I'd rather go out and meet people in person than on line. After all the sexy hip chick you are talking to online could always be in reality the fat guy rubbing his nipples eating Wendies frosties.

ThecomingofTan 9

What??? She told me she was a 25 year old lesbian wanting a threesome. How could you spoil it for me. Great, now I have to go back to Wendy's. ****.

Airman1988 9

Hey 46 dont feel bad you can find some real high quality women working at that Wendy's than you can get your Frosty and get freaky

ThecomingofTan 9
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I have two friends... That just started playing again and no one has seen them since before christmas. They don't text anyone for more than 3 texts and didn't go out for new years. They only see each other to play together.. Yeah. Such disgust. In a week they got to 85 (I believe that's the highest) from 60. Might have been been less. But seriously, they ignore everyone for it.

36- i play WoW, i have a job, a girlfriend of 2 years, and i'm doing well for myself. This makes me pathetic? Playing online stuff gives you the chance to meet some cool people, plus, posting "GET OFF THE INTERNET" while you're on the internet, really just makes you look like a hypocrite.

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I quit WoW. It got so boring. My sights are on TERA Online. But I still wouldn't choose a game over people or a life. You can have both.

Airman1988 9

Hey 84 I didnt say getting on the internet ever is bad so stop putting words in my mouth. I said playing a game and letting it control your life is pathetic. And there are always exceptions to everything, so congrats that it doesn't run your life but it definately does plenty of others. FYI it takes me like 5 seconds to check FML on my cellphone from pretty much anywhere I want, try doing that with WoW. Point being stop taking my comments out of context to call me out because it makes an ass out of you not me. Stop getting all defensive cause I made fun of your stupid little game.

Bf and I play together and still have our jobs/school/social lives. We go out to dinner and all kinds of things. Not only that, a friend of mine met his fiancé on wow. They are awesome together and didn't give up their social lives or anything. It's all about balance in your life. ANYTHING can take over if you let it.

That's different mate. Those guys never wrote anything like "WoW is better than any person". I do play online games on my Xbox (battlefield 3), but I still go out during weekends and party with my friends, a nice good looking gf, steady grades from school. Playing is good to relax sometimes. But there is a limit. Like the head comment saying the game is better than a person, that went a little bit too too far

Like the people in the little moving chairs from Wall-E! sad but true~~

Smd = shaking my dick? My how you've changed, KaySL.

Is your lawyer Every1luvsboners by any chance? I'm pretty sure he got his law degree at the Spokane Clown College. Didn't you notice the rubber chicken in his briefcase?

You have got to have one of minds on the internet #33

Best conversation I've ever seen on FML

WoW. heh...i'm a nerd...but honestly, a guy is a guy, and should never choose video games over girls, i mean come on. unless he was kidding, i don't know

Im a girl and WoW is amazing i hope my bf plays WoW lol

Well. Some games are a substitute birth control pill. Soo...

Sounds like my ex-fiance'... RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Something tells me he's not gonna be getting laid anytime soon Honestly I don't get how guys like that get sex at all, it just astounds me .-.

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ShroomsOnAcid 16

Yes! My favorite! Except I don't have a penis. So I make them settle for some bitching T&A.

PerditaDessa 38

There are actually a lot of girls who really like gamers. As long as he's good at WoW he wouldn't have any problem getting laid.

If you have a guy who'd choose a video game over you, let him have the game, and wish them a long life together. Alone.

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Did he forget to bring his mic, Doc?

Strafeh 9

I believe Doc was trying to put originality into the comment by saying "alone" instead of forever alone. It seems to me though you AREN'T a bastard. You are just a douche face.

No Strafeh, I was simply using the word "alone". Not everything has to be a ******* meme these days. Now kindly hop the **** off my jock.

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"I'd choose your best friend's *PENIS over yours any day"