By kriseliz - 24/06/2013 04:09 - United States - Aurora

Today, my neighbor knocked on my door to borrow my laundry room key. He was bare-ass naked. When I refused to open the door, he tried to break it down. I had to call the police before he would leave. FML
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OP here. Dude was obviously on drugs, incoherent, and, again, naked. When the police arrived, they found his clothes in a pile outside of my door, along with a crack pipe. I was with my disabled mother, and I was not opening that door.

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Doesn't he have a set of "laundry day" clothes like everyone else? Mine feature a superman undershirt and a pair of spiderman undies..

Good for you OP! Stay safe, people can be super crazy and you never know what the hell they are going to do!


Doesn't he have a set of "laundry day" clothes like everyone else? Mine feature a superman undershirt and a pair of spiderman undies..

Well, he sounds like he wasn't even trolling because she had to call the cops. And yeah, that would be some weird ass trolling

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Even then, shouldn't he have a towel or something?

'Cause some people probably don't give a shit about dc vs marvel.

ravenevercross 19

Simple. He wants to show he supports both.

That's like supporting the Galactic Empire AND the Rebel Alliance.

People can like's not impossible.

Yeah , "shouldn't he have had a towel or something"

Wait wait wait 12.. Your profile says you like "pop-punk" (an impossible genre by definition) but at the same time dislike pop music?

Judging by their picture, they mean bands like blink 182 and probably old green day.

Pwn17 25

Ok, I don't know why you're trying to pick a fight with me, but first off, I said that that I hate mainstream pop, not all pop. Secondly, pop punk is a genre that, yes, fuses two very different genres, but does exist, and I like it. Examples include Blink 182, Sum 41, Man Overboard, etc. Lastly, the guy should have had a towel wrapped around him, yet he didn't, and obviously wasn't embarrassed. You don't need to be an asshole.

Punk = the EXACT opposite of pop. That is why it is a logical absurdity to me, and why that "genre" falls into ridicule in my opinion. You can NOT be punk (fighting against the mainstream of society) while being "pop" (POP-ular), in any logical sense.

Pwn17 25

This shouldn't even need a discussion! Pop punk exists. You can bitch and moan about it (trust me, people always do), but the fact is that bands such as the ones I stated before play it, so there's no point in complaining. Pop did originally stand for popular, but the meaning has changed. Plenty of people make standalone pop songs that no one ever hears about. By your logic, Metallica is pretty popular, so they must play pop music right? Didn't think so. It's not even the most polar opposite punk genre. Did you know that there's Christian punk? Pretty absurd, I don't really know why it exists, but it does. Just because a genre seems strange to you does not mean it doesn't exist.

Look at #21's bio, then back to their comments.

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You know there's a messaging system for this crap, right?

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15. All pop music is is music with a simple melody, and a theme that is made to appeal to a wide variety of people. (Usually love.) not only can pop-punk exist, it does exist. And anyway. What the hell does 12's comment have to do with their taste in a completely legitimate musical genre?

#14 I just read YOUR bio, funny how one of your pet peeves on FML is people who are here just to be a jerk! First you mock one of his comments then his music taste? Leave him alone, he's done nothing to you.

I hate it when mommy and daddy fight.... On another note, I personally enjoy Christian Punk. Thousand Foot Krutch is a nice band.

maybe you should find a new apartment

He just wanted to wash all of his clothes in one go. I applaud his efficiency.

I'd invest in some extra locks, a huge dog and perhaps a personal defence weapon.

Or, much cheaper, just a chain for the door (it's damn near impossible to break doors down with those things on them. Even police officers with battering rams struggle at it) and some window bars

This FML is one of the hardest to imagine...

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my question is why would he wait until he has no clothes and has to go around butt naked to ask for a laundry key?

OscarDV 8

Am I the only one that can piece this together? If he has no clothes or a laundry key, I'm sure its in the laundry room. As for him being naked, he probably didn't want to wear his dirty clothes if he just showered.

And he get naked in the laundry room because..?

vencku 13

Because his clothes are being washed. He probably threw everything in, including what he was wearing at the time.

BellaBelle_fml 23

#39, It's one thing to strip down to your birthday suit and walk around in the privacy of your own home like that while doing your wash. But who would do that when they have to use the apartment's laundry room that everyone shares? Most people would have had some clothes reserved for laundry day. Or made sure that their first load of wash contained clothing that they could wear while doing the rest of their laundry so that they would be able to ensure that all of their clothing gets washed.

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Your username just says it all... I just imagine him with those suspended socks and a vest trying to ram down the door o.O

This may not have been an fml if he were a hot guy.

He sounds cool but him a beer man relax, it's just a little nudity.

It's not just a little nudity when they try to force your door down for a key.

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Looks like a laundry procrastinator's urgency to me, given the fact that he was naked.