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Today, my family went and visited my nan. She ushered me in close and asked, "When are you going to knock it off with all this emo cockshite?" FML
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yes. most of the time (;

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and btw im not actually emo 

Creative name choice then.. i guess?

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yes. quiet. thank you for noticing. btw not all Emos cut themselves.


Well then they're not emo, just goth.

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that's what I just said. I'm not really goth either...I like the color black. that's about I got for goth.

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see still not me. I like the script and train. I'm actually neither. just like

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Why would you have Emo in your name? doesn't make sense.

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I don't make sense! and yes I'm very bipolar  you gotta problem??  jkjk

why do people think it's cute to act like this

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Even tho you just insulted me I like your pic (:

Emo doesn't mean you cut yourself. It stands for emotional and is also a type of music. However, people now use it as a stereotype.

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actually it stands for "emotive hardcore" which is a genre of music that people who are "emo" like to listen to.

people over uses that word too much. I was depressed in grade six and everyone callee me emo. it made me emo...

Sorry for not standing up for people correctly and thank you for the help; I just hate how easily these people judge without even knowing this person

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Exactly. Why can't we just bring out the love?

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#102 - And I just love how stupid your comment makes you look. Who ever said that "emo" people are trying to "get attention"? No one. That's just how they like to express themselves and how they like to look, just like everyone else on this freaking planet has a certain way they like to look. Grow the **** up. Haters like you just remind me way too much of people like the Nazis and the KKK--you hate on people you don't even know and who have never done a single harmful thing to you in your life, but you think that it's ok to do that because you see other people doing it and it makes you feel like you're better than someone.

Stfu some emo kids go all out for attention and they adopt the persona of "oh poor little me I dye my hair and get piercings because I'm so deep and have issues." Go live in Africa for a month and you'll see what suffering is really like. Stupid Hot topic ******.

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people bickering about stupid little things like this remind you of the KKK and nazis? wow. you do know what each group has done and what they believe, right?

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okay #117 when did I hate on anyone? I just said I'm not those things. I dot hate on people like you obviously are doing by bitching me out over nothing. I don't hate emo, there actually isn't many people I do hate. I just said to bring out the love and you go ballistic on me. WTF?

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just cus ur emo and dont cut u can be emo but not goth... lol emo goth cutter theres a total difference

124, there really is no point in calling them ******. I have never heard that people that are "emo" are also ******.

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yes 131 I know. I know exactly what you mean. idk why people are acting like this. I'm not prejudice against anyone. I'm not against African Americans or Jewish people so idk why I remind them of that, and I'm not against any group like the school spirited or the Emos or anything in between. I get along with pretty much everyone. I'm finished with this conversation lol. I'm tired of haters.

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"I'm an emo kid, non-conforming as can be. You'd be non-conforming too if you looked just like me/I have paint on my nails and makeup on my face/ I'm almost emo enough to start shaving my legs/ Cause I feel real deep when I'm dressing in drag/I call it freedom of expression, most just call me a/ Cause our dudes look like chicks, and our chicks look like/ Cause emo is one step/ I must be emo" lol

and yet another victim of the false emo stereotype it stands for emotional, a type of music as for the outfits I'm sure we can all agree you have serious problems with people thinking/dressing outside of the box, how many people wear the same type of outfit as you? not exactly original yourself are you? :/ and self harm is a serious issue, as someone who did it as a way to relieve pain from a painful undiagnosed problem at 9/10 I feel an urge to punch people in the face whenever they make fun of it

EmoOrange, you say you're "tired of all the haters"? You're 16 years old and you call yourself emo and bipolar, thinking it's cool. It's not possible for the world to not hate you.

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...honestly, why do people waste time fighting about this?let alone on the Internet, you wanna stand up for something; then do it where theres actual people in front of you, not a computer screen. but everyone's got opinions what. get over it

So many dislikes. EmoOrange is probably the most unpopular person on FML right now.

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Causing physical pain to relieve emotional pain is stupid.

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I loovvveee how this FML turned into like a ... debate in my English class

you're all wrong !! because actually ... E- is for emotional , ruins everybody's day. M- is for miserable people. O- is for on the dark side , cuz we have some fresh cookies ! (: And that - is how spongebob rolls

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Great. Now I gotta teabag everyone that defended the "emo" style. Those who said emo is a musical genre get teabagged twice.

Who would win in a fight, an emo or a hipster? Inquiring minds want to know.

#181 Sorry for stealing your dream. I'm terrible like that =).

holy jeeeeesus this is still going on contriiiiibute

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Emo kids should do the world a favor and cut deeper.

124 & 117 have a point you know but I bet none of you really care!! and then you wonder why a lot of people hate each other its because what they do Is "cool" in their minds

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Most of you are confusing emo with scene. Scene kids are the ones that call themselves emo for attention, dye their hair, and act all hardcore. Emos are people with serious issues, and who don't flaunt who they are. Serious cutters are genuinely depressed and NO ONE should be making fun of them for that which they need help for. I don't really think it's anyone's business what other people do with their lives. Just give it up and leave what you don't like alone.

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misplaced aggression much?

Anyone ever get the guy from Spongebob who's always like "The power within... The power within.." in their head after reading such a long line of responses?

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I know you guys are upset with my comment (179), but it's not my fault, those are simply the rules.

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That isn't from SpongeBob, it's from one of Nigahiga's videos.

shut the **** up. you're stereotyping, not all emo/goths are like that.

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I have to admit, I love this comment the most. it made my night.

I like how long this conversation went.

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by the way, my thing was toward the lamp dude. haha

114 - I love Anchorman, probably my favorite movie ever.

haha, there was this saying; Internet arguments- like the paraolympics; whether you win or lose, you're still retarded.

#1 - I like u #81 - I like u a lot #187 - way harsh... thanks for your time

I bet if we keep this thread going until post #666, we can summon the devil for his opinion on emos. Let's do it.

why do people judge on things they don't know about?

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114.....have my babies!! anchorman ftw!!

I just love how she makes out she has bipolar. maybe she should consider people like myself who actually do have bipolar and see how much she has ridiculed us. bipolar is serious and hard to come to terms with. EmoOrange? look before you leap. bitch.

at least someone understands now I don't cut myself and I'm emo

**** you bitch not all emo people are like that stop being a hater bitch I'm not like that and none of my emo friends are like that

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your stupid. people who get depressed and stop feelig cut and self-harm because it makes them FEEL something.

wtf was so depressing in grade six?! I wish I was back in grade six

By the way, it's quite, not quiet. Quiet = silence. Which you should have done before making a complete ass out of yourself.

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156 i see that there is the word emo at the end of you screen name and that profile picture isnt helping your case...

have you tried it? can't judge till you've tried something

This may be hard to believe, but not all emos cut themselves. Yes, almost all of them are very moody, but that doesn't mean that they're moody enough to cut themselves. And I'm pretty sure that emo does stand for Emotional (what else would it stand for?)

Sorry I use the term ****** loosely. Hot topic ****** to me are people that go to there and buy everything piece of overpriced merchandise that they can in order to look cool. I remember when Hot Topic was actually an awesome store, but now half of the stuff there has cartoons and twilight bullshit on it.

#124 Well said! I'm sick of sites like 6 billion secrets full of "I'm depressed" types. People need to man the **** up. Life IS hard and people need to put their lives in perspective with those who are FAR worse off.

I thought all of those emos had either grown up or killed themselves

Oh ******* christ people, shut the **** up and let these kids be who they want to be. Get off your high horses and look at your own faults and personality defects instead of using your energy to put an 'emo' 16 year old down. While they might be 'emo', you seem to snobbish ******* assholes. look at your own ugly reflection and stop hating. If they are content being 'emo' you should be happy for them. obviously you have a lot of pent up anger and hostility that you need to attend to.

#48 I have to explain this to everyone, u can be emo and not cut yourself, just look at Andy six, cutting is a stereotype, its like not all mexicans work in the fields, or not all white people burn crosses and hate on white people, now how would u like it if someone assumed something like that of u just because of the way u looked ;)

meant hate on black people(sorry it's early)

you're an idiot. what do the kkk and nazis have to do with emo people?

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#138- your lyrics are wrong.

289, emo stands for Emotive Hardcore. not emotional dumb ****.

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I know I censored them so it wouldnt get moderated

#197: Dumbass. Scene is scene. They don't call themselves 'emo' they call themselves scene. && they don't do it for attention they do it because they can, && they don't care what people think of them.

#297 sorry, I wasn't completely sure what it stood for. But maybe, instead of insulting people who don't know as much as you, you should just tell them...

Ahahahahahahahahaha @187 your funny, now do us a favor and go **** yourself for being one of those annoying dipshits who type before they think. Honestly if you became friends with someone emo, and they told you why they were emo, you would not be so crass about a topic you don't know jack-*******-shit about. Now don't take this thr wrong way, but idiots like you make up the majority of uneducated trolls on the internet. So some food for thought, type before you think, keep your idiotic comments to yourself, and my other two cents, go **** yourself in the ass. Right now, cause you deserve it you hater.

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I listen to heavy music and like. black. but I aint goth lol

jake040 3

I listen to heavy music and like. black. but I aint goth lol

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thats what i tell everyone at my school but nobody believes me so i always get asked if i cut myself and i just want ti slap them

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you guys are dumb... it's an FML get over it

I hate emo kids. all they do is bitch and complain about how depressing their life is. get over! if your gonna kill yourself go ahead and ******* do it! no ones stopping you

thank you for reading this even though it's at the bottom. I hate emo people. being depressed all the time isn't good so join the military and they will straten you out. so just stop and the emo people just want attention even if it's negative so the feel powerful that no one can change them. ps I think that emo people should just stop the bull shit and get on with their puny miserable despicable possibly horrible lives

Wow the format of my comment got screwed up :/

okay, late reply but I have a friend who is emo, properly emo. his hair isn't black, he doesnt wear black, he looks like an average kid except that his smile never reaches his eyes anymore. so everyone who hated on emos on this ... you must be seriously lacking a conscience to assume that all emos are just kids trying to rebel. some people actually have problems.

oh and emoorange? I class you as one of the idiots who have turned things as serious as depression and self harm into a joke for a desperate cry for attention.

well why don't we get you a hitler stache and a white hood, maybe even call you Stalin? think this is drastic? think a little discrimination doesn't matter? look around you, look at history. it's just how it all started. it's crazy just how a minority can influence the majority, but it can still happen. think, before you speak. everyone feels, everyone hurts. we're all one in the same no matter who we are.

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emo is cutting yourself. people who do everything emo do but don't cut themselves are scene. and there's not a problem with that. let people e who they want to be.

Personally, I think we should all shut up .. and 210- yeah I know it's ON nigahiga , but it's originally from sponge bob

Emo doesn't mean emotional, then every one would be emo, emo means emotionally unstable, people think it's cool to go around acting like depressed people.

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LIES!!! that is how Ryan Higa rolls u noob

In the words of ADTR: "Do the world a favor, stop cutting your arms, and slit your throat."

Exact same thing happend to me. If it wasn't for people always calling me emo and such, I might not have started hating myself more then I did.

How many people just started thumbing down EmoOrange without reading it because you just knew, you would anyway?

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neither they would both cry like little bitches

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you guys are ALL wrong. Emo is when you cut yourself, scene is when you dress with the hair and make up and whatever. Most emo kids are just usually quiet, all in black. Scene wears bright colors. And its not for attention anymore than you dressing as you do for attention. They're doing it because they like it, just as I'm sure you love all your Hollister and Pacsun, your Abercrombie and Fitch. I'm fifteen years old and I'm less judgmental then you guys are. Don't judge people like that with these stereotypes about how you dress. Next time you walk into a name brand store, ask yourself why you don't just wear plain crewneck tees and baggy jeans. Oh that's right. You don't want to.

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Emo is not cutting yourself. Emo is a type of style and music genre. Scene is the "bright" version of emo. The scene music isn't as "hard". I hate ppl who say shit and don't know anything other than the first thing that comes into their head. I like how you don't judge it's that you haven't thought it all through. EVERY MUSIC GENRE has its own "depressing" side to it. THERE'S a shitload of ppl who act depressed just so they can get attention. Hip-hop, rap or rock, whatever music style or clothing style there's always going to be someone who is like that. I'm not trying to insult you, I just want people to have another look at what they stereotype.

Thank u .. I now have some faith in the world .. Some one else realized that hot topic is going to shit and fast !! Dam twilight ...

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You know what? My life has been absolute hell, me dealing with all the bullshit stereotypes bring. I've been through hell and back, and currently am stuck in between. My mom and step-dad of 15 years are getting a divorce that she blames on me, that is basically my fault, if you consider the fact that he molested me and my best friend, at the time, and we both told C.P.S. together. I deal with major self-confidence, depression, and suicidal issues, and the fact that I now have told of you all of this, you complete strangers, out of complete and utter RAGE because of these idiotic assumptions of all people like that, stuns me to no end, as I have told no one but you people this. I like screamo. I like metal. I love heavy metal. Give me Jack the Skeleton over Barbie any ol' day. But stereotype and say all emos want attention? Now that's just pure hateful. Guess what? I'm only sixteen and my grammar is shockingly better than yours.

Screamo isn't a genre lol. Sorry for the molestation thing.

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#117 An argument on the internets? BRING UP NAZIS!!!

It's 2013. We must keep this record breakingly long thread going!

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#409 Why do you act as if having better grammar makes you superior? Guess what? It doesn't. What if the person is still learning English? (I mean somebody who doesn't have it as a first language.) However, if someone is typing like, "wat r u talkin bout," you still shouldn't talk about how your grammar is better. Some people just type without grammar, despite knowing it very well.

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Technically you are telling people to kill themselves, that's is illegal and you could go to jail and get fined. :/ plus, that's completely rude.

I shall continue this long long into the FUUUTUURREE -Squidward-

ydi for being emo.....

and i get thumbs down....prob by some emos....

Emos are cool just because they have different tastes doesn't mean they're weird ( emo doesnt meant they cut thereself ) also since it was her nan, op is probably a girl

Stupid auto correct not girl I meant goth

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emo usually means the cut themselves... emo is short for emotional so they don't know how to deal with there emotional problems so they cut...

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Well, you don't have to cut, but I do.

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not to judge, but i don't like emos, why be depressed all the time and say life is horrible? life is pretty damn awesome

Wrong. Emo is short for emotionally hardcore. Because emo is a music genre.

Emo doesn't mean you cut yourself. It stands for emotional and is also a type of music. However, people now use it as a stereotype. Don't judge people you don't even know

49 - Do you think people choose to be depressed? Some people get tired of hiding depression and realize they need help, that's why 'emos' talk about how horrible life is, dress in black, etc. It's a cry for help. Life isn't awesome for everyone.

Okay, this is were I get mad. Emo does not mean you cut, or burn or whatever else the stereotypes do for attention. I'm an emo, I proudly admit it, but I don't cut. Never have. Go ahead and ask the stupid ass questions or make the dumbass remarks, but those of you judge, you lose some pretty good friends.

Ok you guys... cut it out with the "don't judge" bullshit... It's what humans do. Everyone judges others. It isn't something that can be stopped. So get off your high horses kiddos.

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Lol you're 17 and said kiddos!

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100 What we're saying is stop crying. It's like the boy who cried wolf, emos crying for attention every day for years desensitizes people to the point that we would rather you followed through on your threats of self harm than listen to your sniveling.

**** YOU 121! and I'm emo myself I've cut before... never again tho. People should be able to do/dress/act however they want (long as they do not hurt other people). if someone wants to harm themselves let them why the **** should care? We leave you dress and act how ever the **** you want so shut the **** up rather then saying shit about people just because of what the dress like and shit,damn.

This is all that I filter from these comments: **** shit shit **** shit emo **** emo. Shut up and stop arguing.

121 - I understand that some people who dress in the stereotypical emo or goth fashion, they may be doing it for attention, but when someone is self-harming and constantly crying, can you not tell it is not just for attention and the person really needs help? If someone is threatening to self-harm, they're probably looking, not for attention, but for someone to show that they care and someone to give them a reason to smile again. Like I said before, it's a cry for help, not attention. To say that they should go with self-harm is completely heartless. Depression and self-harm are things no one should have to endure. 125 - Although I agree with the part about giving people the freedom to act and dress as they please, I don't agree with the part where you said you should let people harm themselves and not care.

Wow, 124 and 125, that was real mature. Wouldn't you feel bad if someone was depressed and vulnerable enough to actually listen to your stupidity?

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This is bullshit. Emo's are just sensitive. They have nothing to complain about, unless theyre suffering from a disease or being killed in the middle east

while sometimes people act "emo" because something terrible happened in their lives or they want to be "cool," depression is a disease/disorder thing. I'm dealing with it right now, and I don't have the choice. I cut, but I don't dress in black or listen to that music genre. Everyone, please get your facts straight.

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174, are you sure it isn't just teenage aaaaaaangst

I don't think I was talking to you Finch

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And Bingo was his name-o.

I used to depress, people call it emo because I didn't deal well with emotion. My bestfriend died and many other things were going on in my life. Then someone made the stupid comment of saying "Why don't you just kill yourself?" So I attempted suicide. (Not just cutting but actually attempted to slit my wrist.) &If it wasn't for my mom who found me bleeding half to dead and calling the paramedics, I would have died. Sometimes a comment like that actually causes someone to do it.

121- your a ******* dumbass. it's not "crying wolf" or any of that. who gives a shit if they dress or act different. should everyone be the same in this world? umm. no. so STFU. there still humans. and everyone is different in many aspects. so before you go downgrading others just because of there choices. think of the {B U L L S H I T} that your gonna say. and keep it where in belongs. I'm done K byyee. -.-

don't let ****** up people bring you down :) stay cool, don't cut

I think if you're stupid enough to try and commit suicide then you deserve to be dead. If life is bringing you down grow a pair and fight back! Everyday is a good day, just try missing one.

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@100, Actually, yes, I think many (if not most) of them choose to be 'depressed', because that's 'cool'. They really just need attention. Of course life isn't awesome for everyone, but come on, some idiots act like every single thing is a horrible tragedy. If they were really depressed, and really needed help, they'd talk to someone close, not whine about it on FB or dress in a certain fashion. If someone really wanted to solve a problem, they would actually do it instead of just saying how much their life sucks. I somehow think that people with real problems don't brag about it. Yes, everyone has the right to do whatever they want with their lives, but I also have the right to be pissed off by it, and express my hate freely. If they can't take it - it's their problem, not mine.

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175 I know depression is a disease but do you mean to tell me that every emo suffers from depression? Because they all act the same. 174, You are a ******. When the suicide ever fix anything?? Attention seeker

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Maybe life is great for you but it isn't all good for everyone. Each person and their life experiences are different and you have no right to judge anyone.

shinigami99 10

I'm starting to hate the FML community even more. Does it matter if you like emos or not? Personally, I'm not an emo, but I think it's pretty ****** up to judge them.

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ask her when's the next times SHE'S going to get knocked off

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Does everyone understand that the nan was probably talking about outfit/style? Idiots... -_-

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tidbre123 0

aha you know you're doing something wrong when your grandma tells you to knock off the emo cockshite ahaha

smartalek 2

your grandma.... kinda sucks.

And yer kinda fake. dumbass. use your own ****** pic, kthnx.

Why do people feel the need to use fake pictures of pretty people? I don't get it. It's not like anyone thinks that picture is you.

no need to use Katie babyfayce as your pic.

I love how she deleted everything in her profile. I guess she wasn't expecting people to rag on her.

maybe she thought it was pretty convincing untill we mentioned it to her and it was too big of a shock..

Damn it now I can't see the picture!

123- it was a picture of Katie babyfayce just google..

op's grandma = winning the game op should have had the genetic inclination to make a quick comeback

you suck for using Katie babyfayce as your profile picture.

eliasqfuntybunt 2

Your nan is a stone cold WINNER

dregg22 2