By nl4 - / Friday 1 November 2013 23:55 / Israel - Tel Aviv
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he doesn't even have to brag when y'all go back home everyone will know how bad you lost when you come in looking like clown mixed with a Picasso painting


Seriously. Grandpas do NOT kid around. And if they do, they can still knock you upside down and backwards. OP was stupid for even mentioning the age factor and then not expecting revenge.


Honestly everyone is saying to not judge a book by its cover, YDI, etc. but look at it from his point of view, he thought (and with most older people its true) that his grandfather would get hurt! He's an old man and sadly older people can't do what they could 30 years ago. if I thought my grandfather would get hurt I wouldn't take the chance.

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Due to the great demand for manpower during WWII and Vietnam, it's uncommon not have a grand parent that served in the armed forces. But since it's Israel and they have a mandatory draft the grandfather is almost certain to have a military background provided he wasn't disqualified for some reason.


Today, my class had a paint war to celebrate our upcoming graduation. I had a severe allergic reaction to the paint and now I'm covered in giant red splotches everywhere. FML

By readytograduate / Friday 6 May 2016 15:22 / United States - Rockwood
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