By shitballs_911 - 07/10/2009 11:13 - United Kingdom

Today, it was my friend's paintball party and we were doing it in a forest nearby. When I arrived at his house, his parents said they already started, so I geared up and went out there to find that there was a note on a tree. It said 'Sorry', and then twenty people jumped from bushes and ambushed me. FML
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Oh man that sucks major but is hella funny, sorry man. XD



Oh man that sucks major but is hella funny, sorry man. XD

greenltrn2003 0 least they said sorry :-

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that sucks

Not only did you miss an orgy, but you got ambushed as well? Man, FYL.

at least they didn't abandon you

Boom! Headshot!!!

LOL, I can't think of a reasonable situation where you WOULDN'T NOTICE 20 people behind bushes and trees near you. They must be pretty sneeky.

Lol #67 "It was my friend's birthday and we were doing it in a forest nearby"

ive played paintball and been hit, it sucks..but ITS PAINTBALL. im not an idiot im stating fact you cunt. this is actually a reply to #67 idk why its up here.

ok it hurts but did they specifically wait to do it just to u or wud they have done it to any1 and if they did do that only 2 u then is it bcuz they hate u or just bcuz they thought it wud be funny 2 do 2 u

at least you got laid

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it would seem that everybodys doing it these days

Hahahaha thats excellent.

YDI for being late.

haha thats really funny. FYL though.

ROFL hahaha

did it hurt....? lol




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Greatest friends ever.

Haha, you have funny friends.

hahahha ur friends r da greatest