By yupthissucks - 13/04/2015 09:00 - United States - Newnan

Today, I ran into the woman who hit my car and drove off three days ago. She was my bank teller. I called 911; she pressed the silent alarm. Guess whose story the cops believed. FML
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Wow, that's horrible. I hope you can get your car fixed and anything against you found false.

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Photo evidence of the incident should clear you.


Wow, that's horrible. I hope you can get your car fixed and anything against you found false.

I don't know if it's the same in Georgia but I briefly worked in a bank, and if the silent alarm is pressed you better have a damn good reason for it. It's usually protocol to check the security cameras every time it's pressed, even if it was an accident, so hopefully it shouldn't be too hard to prove your story. Not to mention, they're legally obligated to look into your complaint as well, hopefully there were witnesses or she hasn't had her car fixed yet!

I work at a bank and can confirm that you must A) REALLY want to push it and B) the cameras are always checked

For the bank part easy to pull cameras up and prove it to be false. Car accident may be a bit harder to find a witness but maybe there was a camera there as well.

That's terrible! What did the cops do? You couldn't have done much considering you had no weapon.

You don't need a weapon to commit Robbery. Never the less, this teller is such a scum bag for not owning up to their responsibility.

I used to be a teller. She will be questioned A LOT for this. And trust me, if she had no reason to press it, she can't make up a lie to get away with it. She will be interviewed intensely by her supervisor, then manager, then cops, then filling out paperwork after paperwork, and possibly even interviewed by the division manger. Also it is a piece of cake to just grab the security video. Thus, unless you physically did anything in the branch OP, you will be clear. Cops might believe her right now. But pressing that button is no joking matter. When they catch her for inappropriately using the button, she will probably be put on final warning probation or fired. Best of luck to you.

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Well I see their won't be a next time

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Photo evidence of the incident should clear you.

People like that are so inconsiderate, it's ridiculous. Sorry OP, hope all goes well

I think a stronger word than “inconsiderate" can be applied here.

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Guess you'll be asking her for money to fix your car anyway (because shes your bank teller), anyone? no? ok...

Damn... That sucks. Sorry OP If I were you I would've given her something to call the cops about. But that's just me being violent.

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And then you actually giving them a reason to take you to jail?.. Yeah good job

Well if I'm going to jail, I might as well go for something I actually did.. But like I said, that's just me being violent

Yes, get yourself convicted of actual attempted bank robbery, that's a good idea. Anything she says won't stick if there is no evidence. However, take video images of you assaulting her, throw in a crafty prosecutor and there's a very real possibility of jail time. Idiot.

If he assaults her it wouldn't take a crafty prosecutor, just one that doesn't completely and totally suck

I assume, because she hit the silent alarm, that you were in the bank.. So you didn't recognize her from her car, which means you knew she was the one who did the hit and run.. Why wouldn't you have called 911 3 days ago and made a report right there and then?

OP could have seen the driver, but not known them previously. Then recognized them after walking into the bank. OP may have filed a report at the time, but with no driver's name or license plate number, the cops can't do much.

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My question is why would you dial 911 at all? Recognizing a suspect isn't a life-or-death or loss of life/property situation.

Well then what exactly ARE you supposed to do?

@84 police stations do have a normal number as well, for non emergency calls!