By Zanovitch - 13/08/2013 20:19 - United States - Grand Rapids

Today, my mom asked me, once again, if my girlfriend of almost a year is just a cover up for being gay. FML
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Well all the gay **** in your internet history probably isn't helping your case.


It could happen. so know a gay couple where one of the guys had been marked for 15 years and had 2 kids before he knee he was gay.

I think he means they were married for a long time before he came out of closet

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But what if this is a cover up?

Well all the gay **** in your internet history probably isn't helping your case.

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Bi: OP's got something for everyone...

Love for everyone. ♥ I'm bisexual and had a girlfriend last relationship : 2.5 years. Have been dating my boyfriend now for 1.5 Doesnt have to be a cover.

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Perhaps she should learn to trust your answer and keep out of your love life.

7 there's a ******* button for that. don't make pointless comments

Don't know why he just doesn't prove her wrong and introduce her. Unless some other issues like distance or perhaps she is fake?

#28 there is a ******* button for that too.

Who pissed in #28's cornflakes this morning? Harsh.

it doesn't say she believes the girlfriend to be fake. She believes her son is using this girl to appear heterosexual. She's likely met her before.

#28, shut up with those arrogant, rude and pathetic "There's a button for that" comments.

I'm not one to consider calling someone "gay" to be an insult because I'm above that, but in this situation however I feel I would be offended. Tell your mom straight up that you are in fact straight (which is what it sounds like from the tone of your FML), and be firm about it. It's not cool to be labeled as something you're not, no matter what the case.

But, you are not above taking a boob-only picture. What a shame.

I think she's trying to showcase her pretty curls. No need to be so judgemental.

#16 and #21 are the perfect example on a man's perspective on the picture and a woman's perspective

I like women too and I thought it was a boob picture.

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I thought it was a boob pic as well.

Hey 16 - it's meant to be a picture of my curls. My shirt is not even low-cut, so buzz off. Thank you 21. :)

68- You have some nice b.- curls! I mean curls! ...

Wow... A year and she still hasn't taken the hint that you're not gay?

Your opinion is the one that matters. Also being called gay isn't an insult.

It isn't an insult, but it's bloody annoying when someone keeps asking if you're something that you've already stated you are /not/ several times. Whenever I talk about my fun gay friends my mom asks if I am gay myself... Again... And again... And again... Even though I've told her that I'm not every single time. :l

I can agree with you it's annoying. From the start of high school my mother keep asking my if I was gay because I didn't have a girlfriend. Eventually when I did get one she asked was I gay and just trying to cover it up. I don't see why parents make this so irritating.

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no it isnt an insult but i refuse to carry an label that doesnt apply to me. i have enough of my own thanks. also is it just me or are there quite a few mums who really want gay sons. i know one in real life and the son is only 6. sad very sad.

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no he hasnt. did you miss the part where i said he was six? he is not particulary boyish but not girly either. the mum is just crazy.