By Anonymous - 21/01/2010 05:30 - United States

Today, I was drinking from a water fountain. I bent over to sip the water and felt a HUGE slap on my ass. Completely confused, I turn around to see some guy with a horrified look on his face. Apparently he thought I was his girlfriend. Then I saw his girlfriend standing behind him, giving me the evil eye. FML
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Haha first and that's goddam hilarious that made my day

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If the girlfriend is hot, be flattered. :D

musta felt weird since people usually don't take a second glance at your face.

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You liked it. I've stopped myself a few times from doing that a few times honestly. Thank god I did.

roflmao, that must have been embarrasing not first btw ?

That actually sounds like quite an amusing situation, not really an FML.

Today, I slapped a girl at a water fountain on the ass thinking she was my girlfriend, she gave me a horrified/disgusted look and my girlfriend was behind me. FML

or Today, my boyfriend slapped another girl's ass when I was right behind him. FML

"Today, I was walking around with my girlfriend. I looked away for a second, then looked back to see her drinking from the fountain, so I slapped her ass. Turns out she was a complete stranger, and my girlfriend was beside me the whole entire time, giving her the evil eye. FML."

HAHAHA! Epic! My sister once slapped an older woman because she thought it was our aunt :')

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lol exactly what I was thinking. you must not have been too horrified that he spanked you, else you would have said something in front of his girlfriend

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ooo protect yourself against that girl... thats the best advice we can give and mayve you can report to the principal 'cause that's some sort of sexual harrassment :)

You suck. Not every mistake is sexual harrassment. People get ****** over by people like you for no legitimate reason.

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Thank you, kales_4. Finally, someone who respects the fact that other people make MISTAKES. It's only human.

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lol your comment is full of shit just like gale kales Xp

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ha i would turn around, look the girlfriend up then down, then be like "bitch please" and walk away

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16- Every time I read one of your comments my IQ drops...