By Anonymous - 6/5/2021 14:01 - United States - Keene

Work sucks, I know

Today, I had to go hands-on at work while choking on mace with a man who was mentally disturbed, and it could have been avoided if my supervisor had been less concerned with asserting dominance and instead let the guy come to grips with his situation. Great use of my college degrees. FML
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By  thatswhatshesaid  |  3

I kinda like the writing

By  kfchicken  |  31

as someone with a psychology degree I have absolutely no sympathy for you. if you're in the field of psychology its people like you and your supervisor that make things worse for all of us professionals and parents alike. it's things like this that give the field as a whole a bad look and makes people hesitant to get help. if you're not associated with mental health you're still an asshole who's doing nothing but rolling over and feeding the ego of another asshole. if you think your supervisor is resorting to excessive force do something about it, people's mental health isn't a game.

  thatswhatshesaid  |  3

I kinda like the writing