By dumb dancer - 05/12/2014 01:54 - United States - Saginaw

Today, I injured my knee during dance class. When it started to feel a little bit better, I tried dancing again. I tripped, fell, and broke my wrist. FML
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think fate is trying to say something

Time for the ER!


Time for the ER!

what's ER?

emergency room

Time for a new hobby!

think fate is trying to say something

I'm giving upon you ,and i will stumble and fall 。。。just a reflection of OP

Twinkle Toes: The Plot Twist

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Dance is too hardcore for you. I think the universe is trying to send you a message. I'd suggest finding a new hobby.

amileah13 26

Been there, done that! Hoping for a fast recovery so you can keep dancing! Hopefully no more injuries though!

Recognizeable :/ had the same thing with soccer, got injuries one after another so I decided to stop playing for a while and gain muscle strenght to prevent future injuries. I must say it helped quite a bit!

Taking the term 'break a leg' a bit too literally, aren't you OP?

3 times a charm

go to a hospital and don't try to dance unless you recover. Take care

I wonder what would be the next thing to break if you danced post injury a third time...