By sharee - 19/12/2015 20:51 - United States - Providence

Today, my father-in-law asked me if I have breast implants in front of the whole family for the third time this month. FML
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You should threaten to implant your fist into his jaw if he says that again in front of the family


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NomeDMF 17

He shouldn't even be paying attention to that to begin with.

Idk about you, but I would MUCH rather prefer my father-in-law act as though my breasts are nonexistent.

Men are incapable of treating breasts as though they don't exist. It completely violates our programming.

Not necessarily, maybe they're just a weird unnatural shape.

All implants are a weird, unnatural shape really. Especially since most women who get them seem to get an inappropriate size for their frame/bodies. Just my 2 cents.

Actually some of us men who have manners and don't ogle at women are able to.

Not all NATURAL breasts even 'fit' the frame/body, that's not really a good way to tell. It shouldn't matter anyway.

This is a message to all the people saying he shouldn't be looking, if you're looking at a person, you can usually see their body. So unless her boobs are under the table he's obviously going to notice them.

Obviously he's just shocked that you have such great boobs even though you have his subpar genetics.

Father-in-LAW. She doesn't have his genetics.

Ugh yikes my bad, time to work on my reading comprehension.

father IN LAW dumbass... no genetic connection...

^Pretty sure she unready figured out her mistake...

#62 im sure he got it the first time she was corrected. no need to be a troll.

superwh00 10

yikes...not his business anyway op

You should threaten to implant your fist into his jaw if he says that again in front of the family

Or in private. Or in front of strangers. Or in his head. Or anywhere else for that matter. Dafuq?

littleteapot 21

"Nope, do you have a personality disorder? I know a great doctor."

So you have a personality disorder yourself?

What the **** is wrong with him?? It's none of his business, and in front of the family?? Ask him if he's got brain implants instead

The breast thing to do is to laugh it off

KhaleesiDannie 26

I've had that happen thankfully never from family but I have been accused of lying about it and it sucks I'm sorry OP

It takes a lot of nerve to accuse someone of lying about it. "How dare you have nicer boobies than me, they are obviously fake!!!" How does anyone think they have the right to ask that question or that it's their business to begin with??

Unless he's old and senile, I'd tell him to back off. That's inappropriate and not any of his business.