Knock first

By jesus christ, dad - 06/09/2013 16:48 - United Kingdom - Manchester

Today, for the third time since breakfast, I accidentally walked in on my father wanking. FML
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That man seriously needs to invest in a lock.

Lol, why did you keep going to see him after the first time??


That man seriously needs to invest in a lock.

Or go to a more private place with a his freakin bedroom or a bathroom.

OscarDV 8

Unless he's doing it in the family room, the OP really needs to learn how to knock before entering.

Yea, I read the fml wrong. Read it as on the way to breakfast. I got to learn how to read and stop adding words

My guess is, it's a ploy to get his son to move out.

etoilenuit 15

Well stop interrupting him OP!

Id say investing in a therapist would be more wise.

Or maybe OP shouldn't walk into his dads fricking room

senseoffender 2

Who said he walked into his room??? Could have been anywhere in the house...

Maybe 4th times the charm?

liblob 6

he really loves that cereal.

This comment thread is going nowhere but down

It looks like you were able to get it back up.

Do you say hi to all of the little guys who won't be your siblings?

your icon says it all

audreyfml1994 15

That was uncomfortable to read.

Twisted yet pretty damn funny!

Lol, why did you keep going to see him after the first time??

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I don't think OP was going to see him on purpose. Sounds like they (unfortunately) kept walking into whatever room(s?) he dad decided to jack off in.

TheDrifter 23

I'm with #4, leave for a bit and let the poor man finish.

perdix 29

#4, Electra complex ;)

Wizardo 33

If you stop interrupting maybe he can finish off... timing is everything.

DFresh503 8

I hope OP doesn't have the timing that the grandma did from "grandmas boy", and walks in on the dad and get sprayed down

I thought that he hosed down his friends mom while wanking it to the Laura croft tomb raider figurine, while spending the night at his friends house.

Dinner's gonna be awkward tonight..

Maybe he should just stay in his room and eat…I dunno, beef jerky?

fieldhockeygal97 19

You're going to need a new pair of eyes after seeing that

.. do u recommend one where it involves an alien life form living in your body? That would give you silver eyes..

you need to learn how to knock first.

OP didn't say what room his dad was in. His dad could've been nasty and decided to jack off in the living room.

The reason there is a 3rd time is because you didn't let him finish the first time! Loool, give him some time alone

olpally 32

That's just, horrifying... He needs to get laid and badly. Lol.